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Our Canadian friends needn’t waste their time toasting bread (Letters, 22 February). When I was a young girl our household income was very limited, so I ate whatever my mother put in front of me. A friend invited me to tea, and I was offered marmalade or Marmite to spread on my bread. Shocked by being offered a choice, I said both – much to the amusement of my hosts. I have been enjoying the treat of marmalade and Marmite sandwiches for nearly 60 years.
Lis Mills

• Nice to be greeted on my 84th birthday by your feature telling me the “natural ceiling to human life is somewhere around 115” (The briefing, Journal, 24 February). What it doesn’t say is whether my very affectionate children will be quite so well disposed to having me still around when they’re the age I am now.
Robin Milner-Gulland
Washington, West Sussex

• In the fuss over the Sussexes’ use of royal (Harry and Meghan to drop word ‘royal’ from their brand, 22 February), can someone explain why the privatised “Royal” Mail isn’t a bigger problem?
Andrew McLauchlin
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire

• Decades after the farm workers’ strikes, Norfolkmen used “Yeller-bellies” (Letters, 21 February) to abuse “furreners” imported from Lincolnshire to break the strike.
John Whysall

• You say the £20 is “Britain’s most popular” banknote (First polymer £20 note to be launched today, 20 February). Offer people a choice, a £50 or £20 note. My guess would be the £50 would easily win on popularity.
Peter Reid

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