Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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TV tonight: Stevie Nicks belts out the hits with a little help from her friends
The singer revives some Fleetwood Mac classics alongside her solo material in Colorado in 1986. Plus: Lady Boom Boom slinks back in style in Canada’s Drag Race. Here’s what to watch this evening

Hollie Richardson, Jack Seale, Alexi Duggins, Ellen E Jones, and Simon Wardell

05, Aug, 2022 @3:08 PM

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Terminator 2 at 30: groundbreaking sequel that led to CGI laziness
James Cameron’s show-stopping follow-up to his surprise sci-fi hit was a spectacular display of both stunts and soul but its major strides caused others to trip up

Charles Bramesco

03, Jul, 2021 @6:06 AM

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Hasta la vista, Arnie: Sarah Connor is the Terminator's true cultural icon
As Linda Hamilton returns to the blockbusting franchise, it’s now clear that it was she, not Schwarzenegger, who changed the action movie for ever

Steve Rose

14, Oct, 2019 @8:00 AM

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Rambo and the Terminator: the cold war warriors are back
After the Berlin Wall came down, Rambo retired and the Terminator was reprogrammed. But with Trump in the White House and Putin in the Kremlin, they’re back on duty

Danny Leigh

12, Oct, 2019 @10:00 AM

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Edward Furlong to return to Terminator franchise for Dark Fate
Producer James Cameron and Deadpool director Tim Miller join forces for the latest in series, that also reunites Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton

Andrew Pulver

19, Jul, 2019 @11:32 AM

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I Am Mother: why blockbuster sci-fi faces an extinction event
Hilary Swank’s new thriller about an out-of-control environmentalist AI shows that ideas-led sci-fi is alive and well – just not in the multiplexes. Hollywood needs to think smaller

Ben Child

20, Jun, 2019 @11:35 AM

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Can Terminator: Dark Fate revive the saga without James Cameron's touch?
With Deadpool’s Tim Miller at the helm, Cameron is ‘hands-on’ producer as he focuses on Avatar 2. It had better be worth it

Ben Child

14, Feb, 2019 @2:36 PM

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Where will Hollywood's search for authenticity end?
Long-running franchises, in their attempts to bottle the essence of the original movie, are going back to source material and bringing back the old protagonists

Ben Child

25, Oct, 2018 @10:10 AM

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'A total blast': our writers pick their favorite summer blockbusters ever
As the season heats up on the big screen, Guardian writers look back on their picks from the past with killer sharks, mournful crime-fighters and time-traveling teens

Amy Nicholson, Benjamin Lee, Catherine Shoard, Lanre Bakare, Jake Nevins, Charles Bramesco, Jordan Hoffman, Andrew Pulver, Rebecca Nicholson and Peter Bradshaw

29, May, 2018 @9:00 AM

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Look out, Hollywood, this is the year of superheroine revenge | Hanna Flint
A new wave of female action heroines has arrived to kick misogynist ass, says the freelance writer and editor Hanna Flint

Hanna Flint

08, May, 2018 @7:00 AM

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Search and destroy: can James Cameron revive the Terminator by killing its past?
Is the original director’s plan to ignore the plots of the last three Terminator movies the way to revive the franchise for the next three films?

Ben Child

13, Mar, 2018 @3:40 PM

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Black Panther proves the best villains are those who could have been heroes
Like Terminator and Darth Vader, Erik Killmonger’s evil is all the more compelling when we find out the wrong turn he has taken

Ben Child

20, Feb, 2018 @10:00 AM

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