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Stonewall; Holding the Man; Mapplethorpe; Batman v Superman; Hardcore Henry; A Kind of Loving; Film4 downloads – review
Queer cinema exposes a soft centre, caped crusaders meet in a cinematic Spaghetti Junction and Film4 releases a fine haul

Guy Lodge

31, Jul, 2016 @6:59 AM

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Trans mission: how to tell our stories on stage and screen
When a cisgender person tells a trans story, the potential for damage is high. This #Idahot, trans writer Fury discusses why it’s important to get it right


17, May, 2016 @7:03 AM

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A monument for the Stonewall riots is nice, but the fight for LGBT rights goes on | David Ferguson
If the Stonewall Inn becomes a national monument, it will be an incredible testament to how far LGBT people have come. But we can’t grow complacent

David Ferguson

05, May, 2016 @11:30 AM

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Hotel Transylvania 2 draws blood at US box office as Stonewall comes crashing down
Animated sequel breaks records with $47.5m, while Roland Emmerich’s beleaguered gay-rights drama opens to a mere $112,414

Ben Child

28, Sep, 2015 @11:01 AM

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Gay rights activists give their verdict on Stonewall: 'This film is no credit to the history it purports to portray'
Roland Emmerich’s film about the 1969 riots has been labelled an offensive whitewash by many critics and campaigners. So what do some of those who were actually there at the time make of it?

Nigel M Smith

25, Sep, 2015 @4:34 PM

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A 'straight-acting' problem: why mass market gay films increasingly fail us all
Roland Emmerich’s tone-deaf comments about the need to have an easily identifiable lead in his gay rights drama Stonewall reflect a wider issue in Hollywood

Benjamin Lee

24, Sep, 2015 @11:14 AM

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Roland Emmerich: gay rights drama Stonewall needed 'straight-acting' hero
The director of a controversial movie about New York’s 1969 equal rights riot has defended his choice of lead, saying heterosexual audiences would struggle to empathise without an ‘easy in’

Benjamin Lee

24, Sep, 2015 @8:45 AM

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Roland Emmerich: being gay in Hollywood has been easy
The Independence Day director spoke about avoiding labels while promoting his new LGBT drama Stonewall at the Toronto film festival

Benjamin Lee

18, Sep, 2015 @8:35 PM

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Stonewall review: There's a riot going on! Pity Roland Emmerich missed it
The director of Independence Day and 2012 delivers a well-meaning take on the Stonewall riots that swaps the real-life story for a coming-of-age romance

Henry Barnes

18, Sep, 2015 @6:29 PM

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Sir Ian McKellen says Taylor Swift kicked him out of New York apartment
Actor had been living in property owned by Peter Jackson but singer evicted him when she bought it: ‘That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift’s team, does it?’

Ellen Brait in New York

31, Aug, 2015 @9:06 PM

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Stonewall sparks boycott row after claims film 'whitewashes' gay struggle
Trailer for Roland Emmerich movie telling the story of New York protests that fuelled the gay liberation movement angers LGBT activists by leaving out key black and Latino transgender figures

Henry Barnes

07, Aug, 2015 @4:36 PM

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