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Luca Guadagnino to remake Scarface with Coen brothers script
Call Me By Your Name director to take on long-planned update of classic gangster film

Andrew Pulver

15, May, 2020 @10:48 AM

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From the Godfather to Shakespeare’s mad king – Al Pacino takes on Lear
Veteran aspires to acting kudos in British-made film adaptation

Dalya Alberge

24, Nov, 2018 @2:00 PM

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Al Pacino on Scarface 35 years later: ‘Bombast was what we were trying to say’
The team behind the crime classic reunited at the Tribeca film festival to celebrate the film’s 35th anniversary with some awkward moments

Jordan Hoffman

20, Apr, 2018 @2:38 PM

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Scarface-off: why another reboot would be a shot in the dark
Hollywood has already had two cracks at the gangster tale – here’s hoping they look to the 30s original, not De Palma, for inspiration

John Patterson

29, May, 2017 @9:00 AM

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From Gladiator to Scarface: five film heroes to bring back from the dead
As Ridley Scott plans to revive his deceased Roman warrior for a follow-up to the historical epic, here are some other dead characters ripe for reincarnation

Graeme Virtue

14, Mar, 2017 @9:38 AM

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Live by Night: how the gangster film went from top of the world to sleeping with the fishes
Mobster movies were once the pinnacle of film-making. Ben Affleck’s homage to the classics could sound the genre’s death knell

Richard Godwin

08, Jan, 2017 @3:00 PM

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Devilish history of Cuban heels proves they're too sexy for Rubio's God squad
The high heel has a storied past, championed by a who’s who of 20th century pop icons. No wonder the conservative base thinks Marco Rubio’s gone too far

Dave Bry

07, Jan, 2016 @3:55 PM

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Robert Loggia obituary
Actor best known for his roles in Scarface, The Sopranos and Big

Ronald Bergan

06, Dec, 2015 @5:12 PM

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De Palma review – Scarface director reappraisal is a cinephile's nirvana
Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow’s meticulous documentary splices film theory with juicy from-the-set gossip, reviving Brian De Palma’s polarising oeuvre

Jordan Hoffman

01, Oct, 2015 @12:25 PM

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Al Pacino: ‘What’s the point of quitting?’
The star of The Godfather and Scarface, who now supplements his income selling seats on his private jet and doing meet and greets, talks about marriage, ageing and death – and why, with his new film Manglehorn out in August, he has no intention of giving up acting

Henry Barnes

23, Jul, 2015 @6:43 PM

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Why I love … the confident evil of Tony Montana

Hamza Mohamed: Forget film heroes, it's villains who really devote themselves to a cause – none more so than Hollywood's greatest bad guy, Scarface

Hamza Mohamed

29, Aug, 2013 @9:46 AM

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Scarface: No 21 best crime film of all time

Brian De Palma, 1983

Stuart Heritage

17, Oct, 2010 @10:35 AM

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