Rose McGowan

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Rose McGowan: ‘I needed distance from stupid people’
The actor on her new podcast, surviving Harvey Weinstein and why she left the ‘toxic’ US

Tim Lewis

04, Jul, 2021 @8:30 AM

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Was Marilyn Manson hiding abusive behaviour in plain sight? | Barbara Ellen
For too long, the music industry has passed off misogyny, and worse, as rock ‘n’ roll excess, just part of the backdrop

Barbara Ellen

06, Feb, 2021 @6:00 PM

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Rose McGowan: Planet 9 review – raging, self-soothing escapism
The actor-director’s debut album is serious in intent, if not fully realised

Kitty Empire

03, May, 2020 @8:00 AM

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We need to talk about Biden’s sexual assault accusations, not celebrities feuding | Jessa Crispin
The conversation about Tara Reade’s allegations somehow shifted to Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano’s Twitter war – being ignored has to be better than this

Jessa Crispin

14, Apr, 2020 @5:27 PM

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The top 25 most compelling Hollywood autobiographies – ranked!
Inspiring, addictive and occasionally gasp-worthy – to mark the publication of Woody Allen’s Apropos of Nothing, we arrange the best Tinseltown memoirs in order of excellence

Peter Bradshaw

02, Apr, 2020 @2:03 PM

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Rose McGowan: 'I won't be free of Harvey Weinstein until he's dead – or I am'
The actor has been battling for justice since the Hollywood producer attacked her more than 20 years ago. She talks about how that fight cost her motherhood and her career – but helped spark a movement

Zoe Williams

28, Feb, 2020 @3:06 PM

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Rose McGowan: Weinstein 'could be one of the biggest serial rapists in history'
The actor and activist said her own allegations against Weinstein would not go to court as the statute of limitations had passed

Andrew Pulver

26, Feb, 2020 @12:22 PM

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Rose McGowan says she regrets Natalie Portman Oscars dress comments
McGowan tweets that she ‘lost sight of the bigger picture’ after calling fellow actor a ‘fraud’

Andrew Pulver

18, Feb, 2020 @11:24 AM

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Caped crusader: who is the real target of Natalie Portman's reply to Rose McGowan? | Catherine Shoard
Under fire for ‘tassel campaigning’ at the Oscars, Portman showed restraint and defiance in her riposte – plus mindful respect for women colleagues

Catherine Shoard

14, Feb, 2020 @2:45 PM

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Embroidered capes aside, here's how to support female film-makers
Natalie Portman had some snubbed names stitched into her red carpet outfit; here are five more ways to try and enable women directors to get a fairer shake

Kate Muir

13, Feb, 2020 @4:53 PM

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Rose McGowan's attack on Natalie Portman was a welcome cuff in an age of cuddles
McGowan’s anger is vital – and uncomfortable to hear. In an age where #MeToo is becoming blunted by celebrity endorsement, we need her

Ryan Gilbey

13, Feb, 2020 @11:39 AM

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Rose McGowan: Natalie Portman's Oscars dress protest 'deeply offensive'
McGowan strongly criticizes Portman, who responds by saying ‘I agree with Ms McGowan that it is inaccurate to call me brave’

Andrew Pulver

12, Feb, 2020 @10:13 PM

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