Peeping Tom

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Europe in 25 films: the critics’ choice
The must-see movies that have defined a century of European cinema, as chosen by the Observer’s film writers

Mark Kermode Observer chief film critic, Simran Hans, Wendy Ide, Guy Lodge and Jonathan Romney

10, Feb, 2019 @10:00 AM

The 10 best films about films
With Fellini’s flamboyant 8½ back in cinemas this week, here are the 10 best self-referential movies

Jonathan Romney

01, May, 2015 @11:00 AM

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Peeping Tom was not the first cinematic masterpiece to get a critical slating
Danny Leigh: From the silent era onwards, critics have regularly been caught out dismissing classic films as duds

Danny Leigh

15, Apr, 2011 @4:00 PM

Not another terrorised film female

Anne Billson: While it's women who do most of the screaming – since Peeping Tom, the camera prefers to stalk females – I don't think the slasher subgenre is misogynist

Anne Billson

03, Mar, 2011 @9:44 PM

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Hidden gems of 2010: the DVDs you may have missed
Mark Kermode, the Observer's DVD critic, picks the releases that deserved greater attention, from Restrepo to the re-released Peeping Tom

Mark Kermode

19, Dec, 2010 @12:05 AM

Peeping Tom – review

Powell's dark classic has lost none of its piquancy over the half century since its original release, writes Philip French

Philip French

21, Nov, 2010 @12:07 AM

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This week's new DVD & Blu-ray

Metropolis: Reconstructed And Restored | Toy Story 1-3 | Peeping Tom | Heartbreaker | The Hammer And Tongs Collection | Coco And Igor

Phelim O'Neill

20, Nov, 2010 @12:06 AM

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This week's new films

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives | Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part I | Chico & Rita | Robinson In Ruins | Adrift | Dream Home | Broken Sun | Fathers Of Girls | Peeping Tom

The Guide

20, Nov, 2010 @12:06 AM

Martin Scorsese talks to Mark Kermode about his love of Michael Powell movies: 'My mother would ask - is it necessary to watch that again?'

Mark Kermode talks to Martin Scorsese about the 50th anniversary of Peeping Tom, the film that almost ended the career of Michael Powell until Scorsese championed his work in the late 70s. Plus, the two discuss Scorsese's Goodfellas prequel and the impact of 3D on cinema

Read the full interview with Martin Scorsese in this Sunday's Observer

Mark Kermode and Cameron Robertson

19, Nov, 2010 @5:59 PM

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The Peeping Tom timebomb | Film
It took a single film to turn Michael Powell from one of Britain's greatest directors to a pariah in the movie business. Xan Brooks asks what it takes to kill a film-making career

Xan Brooks

18, Nov, 2010 @10:42 PM

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Peeping Tom – review
Rerelease of the shocking and disturbing film that virtually ended Michael Powell's career. By Peter Bradshaw

Peter Bradshaw

18, Nov, 2010 @10:31 PM

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Close up: Guardian film news, reviews and much, much more

Welcome to the third Guardian film newsletter. This week we've been mad about the boys: Harry Potter, Peeping Tom and Uncle Boonmee

18, Nov, 2010 @5:12 PM

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