Oscars 2003

Seven ways to win an Oscar

As the deadline for Academy award qualification looms, hopeful films are thronging our cinemas. But many of them have a familiar ring. Justine Elias reveals the formulas for success.

Justine Elias

21, Nov, 2003 @1:28 AM

The 10 hottest films for the Oscars

This year, the drama and intrigue that surround the Oscars began even earlier than usual.

Anne Thompson

09, Nov, 2003 @1:28 AM

Oscar v the sneaks

Film: So you want to win an Oscar? You'd better follow these new rules ...

15, Oct, 2003 @12:28 AM

Semi-independents warn against Oscar video ban

Hollywood's anti-piracy ban on informal pre-Oscar screenings could lead to big-budget domination of the awards, semi-independent studios have warned.

Staff and agencies

02, Oct, 2003 @12:28 AM

New Oscar rules follow Scorsese campaign

An aggressive campaign to secure this year's best director Oscar for Martin Scorsese is believed to be behind the tightening of Academy Award restrictions announced in Los Angeles yesterday

Staff and agencies

03, Jul, 2003 @10:36 AM

What to say about: Michael Moore
Looking for an excuse to take a pop at Michael Moore? His anti-Bush speech at the Oscars presented the perfect opportunity.

Matt Keating

01, Apr, 2003 @2:59 AM

Hollywood throws out the script...

Strange days at the Oscars last week.

Anne Thompson

30, Mar, 2003 @2:43 AM

Article image
The boy done good

John Patterson applauds Adrien Brody for his gracious Oscar acceptance speech - oh, and a good performance.

John Patterson

29, Mar, 2003 @11:44 PM

Article image
Taylor skipped Oscars over war with Iraq

Elizabeth Taylor skipped what was to have been her Hollywood swan song at Sunday's Academy Awards after becoming "increasingly uncomfortable" over the war with Iraq.

Staff and agencies

26, Mar, 2003 @10:29 AM

Article image
War-torn Oscars hit ratings low

10.30am: The conflicting spectacle of war hit viewing figures for Sunday night's Oscars, sending audience levels to an all-time low. By Dominic Timms.

25, Mar, 2003 @1:49 PM

Article image
Peace prevails at the Oscar night love-in

Anti-Bush tirade from Michael Moore eclipses surprise of Polanski award.

Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles

25, Mar, 2003 @11:27 AM

Black wins out in respectful fashion
One of the effects of the war is that it made the Oscars a much duller affair for fashion gawking.

Hadley Freeman, assistant fashion editor

25, Mar, 2003 @11:26 AM

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