Most overrated films

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It’s a Wonderful Life: my most overrated Christmas film
Frank Capra’s classic movie is a celebration of picket-fence smugness. Boring Bedford Falls would have been better had George Bailey never lived, writes Andrew Gilchrist

Andrew Gilchrist

22, Dec, 2014 @9:27 AM

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Pulp Fiction: my most overrated film
Parent to a legion of crap imitations – I blame it for Shrek – the hype over Tarantino’s film renders it almost meaningless. So, would I go back and strangle it at birth, asks Stuart Heritage

Stuart Heritage

20, Nov, 2014 @2:58 PM

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Before Midnight: my most overrated film
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy seem to think they’re scaling the intellectual heights as they swan around the sun-kissed Greek countryside, but their conversational ramblings are as dull as ditchwater, writes Ellie Violet Bramley

Ellie Violet Bramley

19, Nov, 2014 @10:51 AM

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A Most Wanted Man: my most overrated film
It may well be Philip Seymour Hoffman’s ‘superb swansong’, but no amount of dressing up will disguise the spy thriller cliches and utter lack of suspense

Nick Shave

18, Nov, 2014 @9:15 AM

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The Searchers: my most overrated film
The Searchers radically reinvented every wild west trope, the critics said. Trouble is, no one told John Wayne or John Ford, writes Xan Brooks

Xan Brooks

17, Nov, 2014 @11:47 AM

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The Dark Knight: my most overrated film
Christopher Nolan wows audiences with verve, but multiple plots packed like sardines in a tin and a humourless superhero make this Batman film leaden viewing, writes Alex Hess

Alex Hess

14, Nov, 2014 @1:38 PM

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There Will be Blood: my most overrated film
Daniel Day-Lewis may have won an Oscar for his bow-legged, Selleck-moustached performance, but don’t be fooled: Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic drama was truly awful, writes Peter Walker

Peter Walker

12, Nov, 2014 @3:52 PM

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Gravity: my most overrated film
Forget the five-star reviews and out-of-this-world technical wizardry – Alfonso Cuarón’s epic space odyssey is the cinematic equivalent of a drum solo, writes Alan Evans

Alan Evans

11, Nov, 2014 @3:01 PM

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Billy Liar: my most overrated film
Peter Bradshaw kicks off our new series on the films our writers think are overrated by bursting Billy Liar’s bubble, which starred Tom Courtenay as a dreamer who creates a fantasy world to escape his boring life

Peter Bradshaw

10, Nov, 2014 @11:15 AM

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