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Screen play: our writers pick their favourite sports movies
To celebrate the release of Creed III, Guardian writers have made the case for why their favourite sports movie should also be yours

Scott Tobias, Adrian Horton, Bryan Armen Graham, Benjamin Lee, Lisa Wong Macabasco, Andrew Lawrence, Lauren Mechling, Radheyan Simonpillai, Veronica Esposito, Andrew Pulver and Charles Bramesco

04, Mar, 2023 @7:16 AM

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Moneyball’s Nick Swisher: ‘Most players were signing cards, we were signing books’
Twenty years after he was drafted, the former Yankees and A’s star reflects on how Michael Lewis’s famous book affected his career

Ryan Baldi

21, Jun, 2022 @8:29 AM

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The Club rewatched – insult-lathered satire of grubby Aussie Rules politics
Bruce Beresford’s film adaption of a David Williamson play, featuring Jack Thompson as a VFL coach, is filled with clashing personalities and feuding egos

Luke Buckmaster

04, Oct, 2015 @1:12 AM

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Ten data-driven sporting victories - part two
Over the past twenty years, the use of data analysis has become one of the primary factors for success in sport. We look at ten of the greatest sporting triumphs to date, made possible through the use of data analysis

Eleanor Dallaway

16, Mar, 2015 @7:20 AM

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From the Olympics to recruitment: why data can't replace human interpretation
Eleanor Dallaway considers how statistics really work, the future of data-led team selection and the importance of retaining a human touch in sport and in business

Eleanor Dallaway

23, Feb, 2015 @3:13 PM

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Data-led team building: increasing the odds of success
Moneyball has popularised the idea of data-led team selection, but a reliance on statistics alone when recruiting in business or in sport will leave teams coming up short, says Eleanor Dallaway

Eleanor Dallaway

28, Jan, 2015 @7:20 AM

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Coaching by data : is analytics the future of management?
Maths over Mourinho? Analytics over Ancelotti? Data analysis is now commonplace in both the sport and business world, but human decision making still dominates in management writes Tomas Chammorro-Premuzic

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

22, Jan, 2015 @3:59 PM

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Foxcatcher: the ‘uneasy relationship between money and creativity’
Director Bennett Miller follows his American football film Moneyball with an altogether eerier exploration of the darker side of sporting triumph

Alex Godfrey

09, Jan, 2015 @1:00 PM

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Billy Beane’s five lessons for business success
Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team and subject of book and film Moneyball, gives his five tips to advance any business

Billy Beane

24, Oct, 2014 @11:57 AM

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Jonah Hill: five best moments
From comedy sidekick to Oscar-nominated Hollywood player, Jonah Hill has had a varied career so far. As 22 Jump Street hits cinemas, we highlight the pick of the bunch. What others would you add to the list?

Hannah Jane Parkinson

06, Jun, 2014 @12:26 PM

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Jonah Hill: 'Snorting fake cocaine in a Scorsese movie is pretty iconic'

Jonah Hill – star of Superbad, 21 Jump Street and Moneyball – has always wanted to work with Martin Scorsese. Now he's got his wish. He talks to Hermione Hoby about losing weight, giving up comedy and making Leonardo DiCaprio sick

Hermione Hoby

12, Jan, 2014 @12:05 AM

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Oscar predictions 2014: Foxcatcher

Our series continues with a look ahead to Bennett Miller's followup to Moneyball starring Steve Carell as you've never seen him before

Catherine Shoard

23, Aug, 2013 @2:19 PM

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