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The Continental: From the World of John Wick review – there was no need to cast Mel Gibson in this prequel
This 1970s-set TV spin-off to the Keanu Reeves film franchise is a tight, stylish thriller. Shame it’s decided to be unnecessarily edgy by casting a disgraced actor

Graeme Virtue

22, Sep, 2023 @4:00 AM

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US conservative hit Sound of Freedom to be shown in Australian cinemas
Dendy cinemas among those suggesting it will screen movie promoted by American right wing ‘due to overwhelming demand’, despite questions as to actual popularity

Josh Taylor

27, Jul, 2023 @3:00 PM

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Bandit review – shallow crime caper is saucer-eyed over real-life 1980s bank robber
Josh Duhamel charms as ‘flying bandit’ Gilbert Galvan, who pulled off nearly 60 robberies across Canada, but this light-hearted retelling lacks any insight

Cath Clarke

28, Feb, 2023 @11:00 AM

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Hot Seat review – call centre guy is pinned down in office chair in schlocky thriller
Office equipment turns deadly after a bomb-maker targets a reformed hacker at work. Can Mel Gibson and a D-list cast save him from server-room peril?

Leslie Felperin

02, Aug, 2022 @11:00 AM

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Last Looks review – Mel Gibson is cast too close to the bone in Hollywood caper
Gibson plays an alcoholic actor accused of violence against women in a comedy-crime thriller that would have been a lot more fun without him

Leslie Felperin

07, Jun, 2022 @10:00 AM

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Father Stu review – histrionic boxer-turned-priest drama
Mark Wahlberg goes all out in the title role, inspired by the true story of Stuart Long

Wendy Ide

15, May, 2022 @11:30 AM

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Father Stu review – Mark Wahlberg’s renegade-turned-priest blesses Catholic drama
Mark Wahlberg stars in a based on truth story ably supported by Jacki Weaver –though Mel Gibson is a much less welcome presence

Leslie Felperin

12, May, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Father Stu: the Catholic drama aiming to redeem Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg
The controversial stars have teamed up for a film made by Gibson’s girlfriend Rosalind Ross about the power of redemption

Stuart Heritage

11, Feb, 2022 @4:00 PM

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In Hollywood, nothing gets resurrected more often than Mel Gibson | Marina Hyde
He’s been accused of antisemitism, domestic violence and sexism – but somehow this guy always gets another chance, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde

Marina Hyde

19, Oct, 2021 @1:46 PM

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Richard Donner obituary
Director who enjoyed huge success in the 1970s with the hit films The Omen and Superman: The Movie

Ryan Gilbey

06, Jul, 2021 @2:58 PM

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Boss Level review – macho time loop action caper repeats same old formula
Frank Grillo lives the same day again and again and again in a video game-adjacent thriller that struggles to distinguish itself

Benjamin Lee

03, Mar, 2021 @5:30 PM

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Fatman: the Mel Gibson Santa action comedy we really don't need right now
The disgraced actor tries again to rehabilitate himself in a dark Christmas comedy with an intriguing set-up that fails to follow through

Stuart Heritage

10, Nov, 2020 @6:27 AM

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