Mad Max: Fury Road

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‘We’re hardwired for stories’: Mad Max director George Miller on myths, medicine and a pointy-eared Idris Elba
Miller has made a dazzling variety of films in his 50 year career and his latest, featuring Elba as a djinn alongside Tilda Swinton, is as strange as any of them. But would he rather have stayed a doctor?

Xan Brooks

18, Aug, 2022 @2:00 PM

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Dog skulls, choof tea and amputation: here’s what the new Mad Max book doesn’t tell you
Kyle Buchanan’s new authorised account of Mad Max: Fury Road is a detailed illustration of a challenging shoot. Guardian Australia’s film critic Luke Buckmaster, who has also written a book about Mad Max, reflects on another side to George Miller’s world

Luke Buckmaster

25, Feb, 2022 @7:00 AM

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Lights! Camera! Infraction! Mad Max shows why Hollywood indulges bad behaviour
Charlize Theron felt so threatened by Mad Max co-star Tom Hardy that she asked for a female producer as protection. Yet the industry still relies on film sets being lawless bubbles where you question macho posturing at your peril

Ryan Gilbey

24, Feb, 2022 @6:33 PM

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Charlize Theron ‘felt so threatened’ by Tom Hardy making Mad Max she required on-set protection
New book details allegations of unprofessional behaviour and aggression during making of George Miller’s 2015 blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road

Catherine Shoard

23, Feb, 2022 @12:41 PM

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The Mad Max films depict a world increasingly degraded. Furiosa will be far from comforting
As the gap closes between George Miller’s imagined dystopia and the real world wracked by climate crisis, the Mad Max films have never been more important

Luke Buckmaster

07, May, 2021 @3:19 AM

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Nicholas Hoult: ‘Part of your brain doesn’t want to walk down a corridor naked’
From starring opposite Hugh Grant aged 11 to joining the X-Men, does nothing faze the actor? Well, there was one scene for his latest role ...

Emma Brockes

02, Jan, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Mad Max's Hugh Keays-Byrne was an actor of visceral, wall-rattling force and underrated talent
Keays-Byrne, who died this week, will be remembered for his gnarly performances as Toecutter and Immortan Joe, but every role he took was a revelation

Luke Buckmaster

03, Dec, 2020 @2:52 AM

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How can Furiosa expand on Max Max: Fury Road's brutal feminist polemic?
George Miller’s prequel, focusing on the life of the character before her appearance in Fury Road, could revitalise the franchise – even without Max

Ben Child

19, Oct, 2020 @9:57 AM

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007th heaven: why Tom Hardy as the new Bond is too good to be true
If a post on an obscure Star Trek blog is to be believed, Hardy will be the next 007. Could fans cope with his villanous side?

Stuart Heritage

21, Sep, 2020 @11:45 AM

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Charlize Theron's 20 best film roles – ranked!
As her new film hits Netflix, here’s a run down of the actor’s greatest performances, from sci-fi action and comedy to the portrayal of a serial killer

Peter Bradshaw

09, Jul, 2020 @10:58 AM

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Tom Hardy's 20 best film performances – ranked!
The actor’s latest movie, Capone, further builds upon his beefy and menacing screen presence, but there is another side that shines through in some of Hardy’s great roles

Peter Bradshaw

14, May, 2020 @11:00 AM

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Mad Max at 40: how the low-budget original remains a film-making feat
On the 40th anniversary of its US release, George Miller’s chaotic look at the future remains a high-adrenaline masterwork

Scott Tobias

13, Feb, 2020 @7:15 AM

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