Looking for Eric

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Ken Loach: ‘If you’re not angry, what kind of person are you?’
He’s been a thorn in the establishment’s side since Cathy Come Home and Kes. At 80, he’s made his angriest film yet

Simon Hattenstone

15, Oct, 2016 @9:30 AM

DVD review: Looking for Eric

A weird mixture of the standard Ken Loach film with standard Hollywood fare, says Rob Mackie

Rob Mackie

06, Nov, 2009 @12:01 AM

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Sun shines on The Hangover at the UK box office | Charles Gant

Charles Gant: Despite balmy weather, the Todd Phillips comedy has managed to replicate its US success to become 2009's biggest comedy debut on this side of the Atlantic, eclipsing local hero Ken Loach's Looking for Eric

Charles Gant

16, Jun, 2009 @12:12 PM

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Ken Loach's Looking for Eric peddles an insulting lie | David Cox

David Cox: In reaching for a wider audience, Ken Loach delivers an offensive message about the disadvantaged people he depicts

David Cox

15, Jun, 2009 @8:58 AM

Film review: Looking for Eric

Ken Loach's latest sees the former footballing superstar team up with a downtrodden Manchester fan - to winning effect, says Jason Solomons

Jason Solomons

13, Jun, 2009 @11:01 PM

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Film review: Looking for Eric

Peter Bradshaw: Football legend Eric Cantona helps a troubled Manchester postie make sense of his life in a rare cheery offering from Ken Loach

Peter Bradshaw

11, Jun, 2009 @11:01 PM

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Ken Loach pulls focus on youth violence in Looking for Eric | Ben Child

Ken Loach aims to combat society of 'aggression, greed and acquisitiveness' in new film starring Eric Cantona as a mentor to a football fan struggling to save his sons from a life of guns and gangs

Ben Child

05, Jun, 2009 @11:42 AM

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Cannes film festival review: Ken Loach's Looking for Eric

Ken Loach's comedy about a postman who gets life lessons from footballing legend Eric Cantona is good-natured but erratic

Peter Bradshaw at the Cannes film festival

18, May, 2009 @9:42 AM

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Ooh, aah, who's that bloke with Cantona?

Jason Solomons meets Steve Evets, star of Ken Loach's Looking for Eric and picks five other films to watch

Jason Solomons

09, May, 2009 @11:01 PM

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Cannes film festival unveils credit-crunch lineup of Basterds, Brits and hippies

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, Ken Loach's Looking for Eric and Jane Campion's Bright Star will compete for this year's Palme d'Or

Xan Brooks

23, Apr, 2009 @11:13 AM

Ken Loach on his new Eric Cantona-starring film, Looking for Eric
Xan Brooks tries to pin the director down as his new comedy, Looking for Eric, is touted as one of the main British hopes at this year's Cannes film festival

Xan Brooks

27, Mar, 2009 @12:30 PM

World exclusive: Ken Loach's Looking for Eric teaser trailer

World exclusive: get a sneak preview of Ken Loach's latest film, about a footie-mad postman who gets life coaching from Eric Cantona

27, Mar, 2009 @11:41 AM

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