The Legend of Tarzan

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From She to Sheena: can modern audiences ignore the jungle queen's racist roots?
A scantily-clad white woman ruling over black men titillated Victorian readers – and minted an archetype still used in comics, novels and movies. But should it be?

David Barnett

06, Jul, 2017 @12:19 PM

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I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House; The Neon Demon and more – review
Hauntings and mind games provide the chills in two superior Halloween releases from Osgood Perkins and Nicolas Winding Refn

Guy Lodge

30, Oct, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Crime pays: DC's Suicide Squad tops UK box office with £11.25m
Despite the disapproval of critics, the supervillain film had the third biggest opening of the year, and dwarfed the takings of the other films in the UK chart

Charles Gant

09, Aug, 2016 @2:06 PM

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You Tarzan, me Adam: I found out in a theater that my book inspired the film
Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks ago, in a theater of a mall, I encountered two characters I had written about in my own book: King Leopold’s Ghost

Adam Hochschild for Tom Dispatch

20, Jul, 2016 @2:00 PM

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Ghostbusters blasts Ice Age at the UK box office
Paul Feig’s all-female reboot tops the chart in its first week as the Ice Age animation franchise tests audience loyalty with a fifth outing

Charles Gant

19, Jul, 2016 @5:24 PM

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The Secret Life of Pets beats Tarzan to the top of the tree at UK box office
Family-friendly animation still at No 1 ahead of Lord Greystoke, the Now You See Me crew and Ab Fab’s still fizzing Edina and Patsy

Charles Gant

12, Jul, 2016 @4:16 PM

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The Legend of Tarzan review – awkwardly tame
Despite lavish special effects and the screenwriters’ best efforts to square the story with modern sensibilities, this jungle reboot ain’t quite got that swing

Wendy Ide

10, Jul, 2016 @7:00 AM

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How Tarzan evolved from oaf to toff and back again
The character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs has always been a hit with fans – so it’s a pity the movies don’t live up to the legend of their jungle hero

Ryan Gilbey

09, Jul, 2016 @10:35 PM

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Gay kiss – in which one man unconscious – cut from new Tarzan film
Director says kiss between Alexander Skarsgård and Christoph Waltz in The Legend of Tarzan was ‘almost too much’ and perplexed test audiences

Andrew Pulver

08, Jul, 2016 @3:26 PM

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The Legend of Tarzan review – noble intentions can't rescue ropey rehash
Tarzan goes on a diplomatic mission to his old swinging ground in this well-meaning but ultimately toothless update

Peter Bradshaw

07, Jul, 2016 @9:45 PM

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From Tarzan to Avatar: the problem with 'the white man in the jungle'
The wild man in the loin cloth is returning to our screens, along with new takes on King Kong and The Jungle Book. But films set in the rainforest still struggle to shake off racist tropes

Steve Rose

06, Jul, 2016 @2:00 PM

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Samuel L Jackson: ‘I was a drug addict but I showed up on time and hit my marks’
A Hollywood fixture from Tarantino to Pixar movies, the one-time Black Panther is now getting political in The Legend of Tarzan. He talks about how getting sober led to non-stop work and stardom

John Patterson

30, Jun, 2016 @5:25 PM

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