Ken Russell

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Brian Tufano obituary
Cinematographer who brought his imaginative sensibilities to films such as Trainspotting, Billy Elliot and Quadrophenia

Ryan Gilbey

26, Jan, 2023 @6:02 PM

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What links Lady Chatterley’s Lover to Walkabout and William Hurt?
The DH Lawrence classic inexorably leads to violent UK theatre, a stunning John Barry soundtrack and the erotic thriller Body Heat

Larry Ryan

03, Dec, 2022 @1:00 PM

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Glenda Jackson answers your questions: ‘I think that’s a gross insult about politicians and actors, frankly’
The groundbreaking actor and politician answers your questions about the difficulties of Ken Russell, the joys of Morecambe & Wise and whether she sends Tony Blair a Christmas card

As told to Rich Pelley

16, Jun, 2022 @11:16 AM

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Ken Russell’s banned film about Richard Strauss finally comes to light | Richard Brooks
Russell’s controversial portrait of Strauss as Nazi sympathiser, Times Radio’s launch editor continues working for Radio 4, and Flowers Gallery at 50

Richard Brooks

23, Feb, 2020 @9:00 AM

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Tommy review – Ken Russell's mad rock opera pinballs back into cinemas
Russell’s adaptation of the Who’s concept album about a blind pinball wizard is a fascinating time capsule featuring Oliver Reed, Elton John, Jack Nicholson, Tina Turner and Eric Clapton

Peter Bradshaw

22, Nov, 2019 @2:00 PM

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Arts and crafts masterpiece Dunshay Manor reopens after legal wrangle
Dorset country house left to the nation by pioneering sculptor Mary Spencer Watson is finally going on show

Vanessa Thorpe Arts and media correspondent

12, May, 2019 @8:00 AM

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Please keep the flames to six feet! The wild and wonderful world of Walthamstow art school
In the early 1960s, the old guard running Walthamstow art school quit – and a riotous new spirit took hold, galvanising students from Ian Dury to Peter Blake. Now a new show, Be Magnificent, is celebrating the glory days

Will Ashon

09, Jun, 2017 @1:13 PM

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‘Quiffs were a must’: teddy boys and girls in London, 1955
Ted Burton and his friends pose for Ken Russell, the photographer and film director

Candice Pires

10, Feb, 2017 @3:59 PM

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Last of the red-hot myths: what gossip over Rudolph Valentino's sex life says about the silents
As Ken Russell’s quasi-biopic is released on Blu-ray, even the director noted that Valentino, possibly the silent era’s biggest star, was best appreciated in fiction

Pamela Hutchinson

22, Feb, 2016 @10:44 AM

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Julie Myerson on Sandy Wilson: 'I was 11 when, obsessed with The Boy Friend, I wrote to Sandy Wilson for help'

Julie Myerson writes: I was 11 when, having become obsessed with Ken Russell's 1971 film of The Boy Friend, I wrote to Sandy Wilson for help

Julie Myerson

07, Sep, 2014 @2:49 PM

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My guilty pleasure: The Lair of the White Worm

Peter Walker: Ken Russell's phallic farce starring Hugh Grant and Peter Capaldi is drearily sexist, accidentally absurd and undeniably a stinker. But its defiant disrespect for plot and taste win me over

Peter Walker

28, Mar, 2014 @7:30 AM

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Top 10 musicals

Musicals have been tap dancing their way into moviegoers' hearts since the invention of cinema sound itself. From Oliver! to Singin' in the Rain, here are the Guardian and Observer critics' picks of the 10 best

03, Dec, 2013 @12:51 PM

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