Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Mr Corman review – Joseph Gordon-Levitt tackles millennial malaise
Gordon-Levitt plays an anxious drifter in Apple’s angsty, slow-burning new dramedy, which rewards its viewers’ patience

Rebecca Nicholson

06, Aug, 2021 @11:00 AM

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Mr Corman: Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s indie comedy funny? It’s complicated …
There are not many big laughs in this Apple TV+ show about a miserable middle-school teacher but at times it is breathlessly brilliant

Joel Golby

31, Jul, 2021 @10:00 AM

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The Trial of the Chicago 7 review - totally exasperating court drama
Aaron Sorkin is at his most portentous with this inert film, stuffed with stars, which mislocates the point of the trial it dramatises

Peter Bradshaw

25, Sep, 2020 @1:00 AM

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 'Playing a cop means something different now'
After two years dedicated to childcare, the actor is squarely back in the zeitgeist with three films that explore race, corruption and the roots of today’s culture wars

Steve Rose

20, Aug, 2020 @5:00 PM

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Project Power review – micro-dose superpowers in New Orleans
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jamie Foxx and Dominique Fishback give punchy performances in this enjoyable thriller about a drug-blighted New Orleans

Peter Bradshaw

14, Aug, 2020 @1:00 AM

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7500 review – cockpit drama reaches for new heights
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an airline pilot in peril in a claustrophobic hijack movie that unfolds in near-real time

Mark Kermode

21, Jun, 2020 @7:00 AM

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7500 review – Amazon hijacking thriller can't get off the ground
Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a co-pilot dealing with a nightmarish scenario in a front-loaded exercise in suspense that quickly loses altitude

Benjamin Lee

17, Jun, 2020 @6:25 AM

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Snowden review – whistling in the wind
Despite a fine performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Oliver Stone’s take on one of the big stories of our time seems oddly subdued

Wendy Ide

11, Dec, 2016 @8:00 AM

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Snowden review – hair-raisingly taut and intense
Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives an intelligent, alert performance as whistleblower Edward Snowden, in Oliver Stone’s best work since the 90s

Peter Bradshaw

08, Dec, 2016 @11:00 PM

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Oliver Stone on Snowden relevance: 'The US government lies all the time'
The Oscar-winning director talks about his Edward Snowden biopic as the film premieres to mixed reviews at the Toronto film festival

Benjamin Lee

10, Sep, 2016 @4:27 PM

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Snowden review: Oliver Stone turns true thrills into dated Hollywood fodder
The director’s dramatic retelling of the NSA whistleblower’s rise to infamy boasts a strong central performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt but its attempts to pander to a multiplex crowd are misjudged

Benjamin Lee

10, Sep, 2016 @7:47 AM

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Oliver Stone on Snowden: 'Self-censorship is huge in this industry'
Film-maker discusses forthcoming drama about the Snowden case at Comic-Con, where one audience member asked if Pokémon Go could lead to totalitarianism

Sam Thielman in San Diego

21, Jul, 2016 @8:41 PM

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