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Jenny Beavan: ‘There was Cate Blanchett looking like an angel, and me looking like a biker’
Jenny Beavan is possibly the first woman to receive an Oscar wearing an M&S jacket and comfy shoes. She talks to Eva Wiseman about fashion, feminism and that Vine video

Eva Wiseman

20, Mar, 2016 @6:00 AM

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Jenny Beavan’s Oscars outfit struck a blow for all women | Laura Bates
The costume designer’s refusal to prettify herself for last week’s awards, and the ensuing furore, showed fancy frocks are still a feminist issue

Laura Bates

04, Mar, 2016 @4:53 PM

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Hurrah for Spotlight and the glory of journalism! Now get me 500 words on people clapping
Ecstatic at being the heroes of this year’s Oscars, hacks are keen explain how the film proves the virtues of their trade – when they get a spare minute from reporting #clapgate

Marina Hyde

04, Mar, 2016 @7:05 AM

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Alejandro González Iñárritu: I did applaud Jenny Beavan at the Oscars
The Revenant director has posted a gif showing he did clap the costume designer’s ascent to the stage at last Sunday’s ceremony, calling earlier suggestions that he hadn’t out of malice ‘mean-spirited and false’

Catherine Shoard

03, Mar, 2016 @9:50 AM

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Hollywood bombast brings out the best of British | Catherine Shoard
Jenny Beavan made me proud, not just to be British, but to fulfil every aspect of how we’re stereotyped

Catherine Shoard

02, Mar, 2016 @8:39 PM

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Older women are invisible in the workplace. What are we meant to do until the age of 67? | Suzanne Moore
It was great to see Jenny Beavan troll the Oscars ego-fest, but she is an exception. Most women are sent out to pasture long before their ever-retreating pension arrives

Suzanne Moore

02, Mar, 2016 @5:56 PM

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Hollywood, take note of Jenny Beavan: this ‘bag lady’ is what creativity is all about | Dreda Say Mitchell
The costume designer caused a stir collecting her Oscar in an M&S outfit. That says more about the audience’s lack of imagination than it does about her taste

Dreda Say Mitchell

01, Mar, 2016 @5:59 PM

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What's everyone's beef with Jenny Beavan? Ten unfounded Oscars conspiracy theories
First Stephen Fry calls her a bag lady at the Baftas, then a string of stars fail to clap as she wins an Oscar. What has everyone got against this apparently very nice and talented woman?

Stuart Heritage

29, Feb, 2016 @6:22 PM

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Oscars 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio and Brie Larson win as Spotlight shocks
Abuse drama takes best picture while The Revenant makes do with director, actor and cinematography; Mad Max: Fury Road takes the most trophies

Catherine Shoard

29, Feb, 2016 @3:19 PM

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Leonardo DiCaprio leads political charge at 2016 Oscars
The Academy Award ceremony saw a plethora of principled statements from the winners’ podium – with more than #OscarsSoWhite in their sights

Andrew Pulver

29, Feb, 2016 @12:44 PM

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Oscars 2016: 10 things we learned
Including … everyone loves Leonardo DiCaprio, no one has a clue who’s going to win – and somehow, somewhere, Jenny ‘bag lady’ Beavan really got on the wrong side of Alejandro González Iñárritu

Benjamin Lee, Henry BarnesBen Beaumont-Thomas and Catherine Shoard

29, Feb, 2016 @9:21 AM

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Spotlight and The Revenant deserve their Oscars, but where were Carol's? | Peter Bradshaw
On balance, the Academy gave its prizes to the right people, but it’s baffling that the Cate Blanchett-starring lesbian romance was completely shut out

Peter Bradshaw

29, Feb, 2016 @6:27 AM

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