Jean-Jacques Annaud

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Notre-Dame on Fire review – a pulpy take on a real-life catastrophe
The 2019 fire that tore through Paris’s great cathedral gets the disaster movie treatment

Wendy Ide

24, Jul, 2022 @10:30 AM

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Notre Dame on Fire review – high adventure ripped straight from the headlines
Veteran director Jean-Jacques Annaud rips a swashbuckling escapade from news footage of the catastrophic fire at the Paris cathedral

Peter Bradshaw

20, Jul, 2022 @1:00 PM

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‘Fire is the perfect villain’ – how the Notre Dame blaze became an explosive film
Name of the Rose director Jean-Jacques Annaud has turned the Paris fire into a thrilling drama. He talks about the desperate race to rescue the crown of thorns – as molten lead fell like satanic rain

Phil Hoad

12, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Antony Beevor: the greatest war movie ever – and the ones I can't bear
He groaned at Valkyrie and despaired at Saving Private Ryan. The award-winning historian takes aim at the war films that make him furious – and reveals his own favourite

Antony Beevor

29, May, 2018 @3:38 PM

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China enters Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Wolf Totem into Oscars 2016 race
Following its 2015 choice, Philippe Muyl’s The Nightingale, China has once again entered a film by a French director for best foreign language film

Andrew Pulver

22, Sep, 2015 @3:43 PM

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Jean-Jacques Annaud: 'People who make films are in danger every day'

The director on the joy of China, his affinity with Inner Mongolian wolves, and why embracing their bestiality might help keep people from therapy

Catherine Shoard

30, May, 2013 @7:00 PM

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Black Gold – review

If there's going to be a cinematic Arab Spring, Jean-Jacques Annaud's clunky oil epic isn't it, writes Andrew Pulver

Andrew Pulver

23, Feb, 2012 @9:50 PM

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Jean-Jacques Annaud's Arabian frights
Jean-Jacques Annaud was making a film about oil wars in the desert. Then the Arab spring started, his crew were evacuated, and he had to explain why he had 300 guns, writes Stuart Jeffries

Stuart Jeffries

21, Feb, 2012 @9:31 PM

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Wolf-training follows tigers and bears for director Jean-Jacques Annaud

French director to spend 18 months training wolves for film adaptation of Chinese bestseller Wolf Totem

Alison Flood

20, Aug, 2009 @4:10 PM

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Reel history: Enemy at the Gates is Stalingrad with cockney accents

Reel history: Jean-Jacques Annaud's portrayal of the siege of Stalingrad features Bob Hoskins as Khrushchev. Unfortunately it isn't a comedy

Alex von Tunzelmann

23, Oct, 2008 @7:00 AM

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Jean-Jacques Annaud risks more controversy with Kashmir

Having already been banned from China, the Oscar-winning director now risks more controversy with a film set in the disputed border region of India and Pakistan

Ben Child

14, Oct, 2008 @9:45 AM

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Adaptation of the week No. 44: The Name of the Rose

Jean-Jacques Annaud's The Name of the Rose (1986)

Andrew Pulver

05, Feb, 2005 @1:41 AM

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