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The Shark Is Broken review – biting drama about the making of Jaws
Ian Shaw plays his film star father Robert in this behind-the-scenes tale of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster

Ryan Gilbey

21, Oct, 2021 @10:59 PM

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Back for another bite: why classic 70s and 80s screen classics are new stars of the stage
The boat in Jaws, the flashy car in Back to the Future, and the kitchen in The Good Life: it seems we all want to recapture those moments – but in the theatre

Vanessa Thorpe Arts and media correspondent

25, Sep, 2021 @4:58 PM

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Top 10 books about public spaces | Jonathan Lee
From Toni Morrison and Zadie Smith to Peter Benchley, novelist Jonathan Lee chooses books that celebrate areas where strangers can mingle and be less alone

Jonathan Lee

16, Jun, 2021 @10:03 AM

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Bathtubs and Barbies: how an army of ‘finatics’ recreated Jaws at home
A cast of 100 superfans worked together to pay the ultimate tribute to their favourite film on its 45th birthday

Elle Hunt

11, Jul, 2020 @7:00 AM

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'People want blood and gore': what we got wrong about filming sharks
From Jaws to James Bond, film-makers have tried to make a fish not inclined to bite humans look hell-bent on doing so

Elle Hunt

10, Jul, 2020 @3:00 AM

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Richard Dreyfuss: 'I was a bad guy for a number of years'
His life has been a rollercoaster ever since Jaws. Richard Dreyfuss talks about Hollywood hell-raising, cocaine burnout, his flirting heyday – and his problems with #MeToo

David Smith

24, Jun, 2020 @5:00 AM

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Jurassic Park and Jaws fight to top US box offices decades after their first releases
Steven Spielberg’s 1993 dinosaur-rampage blockbuster beats his 1975 shark horror as coronavirus shapes cinemagoing

Andrew Pulver

23, Jun, 2020 @11:13 AM

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I've never seen … Jaws
The dunes are alive with the sound of screaming as a monstrous, ravenous fish terrorises a seaside community – but this is not a film about a shark

Daniel Harris

25, May, 2020 @9:00 AM

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From Fight Club to Brief Encounter: how self-isolation would change classic films
It’s now difficult to watch movies without worrying about the two-metre rule – here are the retrospective plot changes required to mean old movies pass muster

Stuart Heritage

24, Mar, 2020 @4:16 PM

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I grew up watching disaster movies. Here’s what I’ve learned | Hadley Freeman
From Armageddon to Outbreak, there’s something reassuring about their predictability, now more than ever

Hadley Freeman

21, Mar, 2020 @11:30 AM

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Boris Johnson's hero is the mayor who kept the beaches open in Jaws. That's fine by me
The PM thinks Amity mayor Larry Vaughn is ‘the real hero of Jaws’. Maybe that’s why he’s emulating his ‘the beaches are open’ politics as coronavirus spreads around the world

Stuart Heritage

13, Mar, 2020 @2:02 PM

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Robert Shaw's son revisits Jaws' stormy shoot in The Shark Is Broken
Ian Shaw plays his actor father in West End play about the troubled production of Spielberg’s first blockbuster

Chris Wiegand

05, Feb, 2020 @6:01 AM

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