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Vera Drake to Ex Machina: the seven best films to watch on TV this week
Imelda Staunton is outstanding in Mike Leigh’s incredibly timely drama, while Alicia Vikander is the perfect AI creation in Alex Garland’s directorial debut. Plus, Keanu Reeves is back with more Matrix

Simon Wardell

27, May, 2022 @8:00 AM

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Tenet up: listen, Christopher Nolan, we just can't hear a word you're saying
The Tenet director has dismissed critics of his poor sound mixing by blaming us for being too conservative. Why must he keep toying with our perception of sound?

Stuart Heritage

16, Nov, 2020 @2:56 PM

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Why so serious? Tenet and the new wave of 'science-based' time travel movies
Films like Back to the Future and The Terminator never thought too deeply about time travel; so is Christopher Nolan draining all the fun out of it?

Alex Hess

09, Sep, 2020 @6:00 AM

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From Memento to Interstellar: our writers pick their favourite Christopher Nolan films
With the much-anticipated staggered release of Tenet, writers argue why each of Christopher Nolan’s 10 previous films should be seen as his best

Beatrice Loayza, Peter Bradshaw, Benjamin Lee, Wendy Ide, Charles Bramesco, Radheyan Simonpillai, Adrian Horton, Noah Gittell, Jordan Hoffman and Steve Rose

27, Aug, 2020 @6:24 AM

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'Absolutely kills me': you pick your saddest movie scenes
Our writers picked their peaks of cinematic sadness and you responded with animated elephants, Christmas melancholy and emotional reunions

Guardian readers

19, May, 2018 @9:00 AM

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‘When I think of Matt Damon, I think of gene editing’: scientists on their favourite sci-fi
Speculative fiction and real research have long fed into each other. Here, five leading scientists tell us about books and films that inspire them

Killian Fox

13, May, 2018 @7:00 AM

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Experimental films? Putting movie science under the microscope
Love films and science? Science(ish) author and podcaster Rick Edwards answered our questions, but can you answer his in the quiz below?

Tash Reith-Banks

10, Oct, 2017 @12:48 PM

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Edge of darkness: looking into the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way
It would take a telescope as big as a planet to see the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. But a team of scientists think they know how to do it

Robin McKie

26, Feb, 2017 @7:45 AM

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Spoiler alerts: the five best climate-change films
Hollywood – loyal to its eco-sceptic audiences in middle America – has always been frosty towards environmental movies. Here are the most prescient exceptions to the rule

Phil Hoad

19, Jan, 2017 @1:00 PM

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Winners of inaugural Stephen Hawking medal announced
Composer Hans Zimmer, physicist Jim Al-Khalili and documentary Particle Fever recognised for their roles in propelling science into the public consciousness

Nicola Davis

16, Jun, 2016 @3:43 PM

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From Titanic to The Revenant: why don’t movie stars learn from their characters?
Leonardo DiCaprio’s experience at the end of Titanic helped him survive The Revenant. The Martian enabled Matt Damon to do what he couldn’t in Interstellar. Look and learn, Domhnall Gleeson

Joe Queenan

14, Apr, 2016 @3:39 PM

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Interstellar most pirated movie of 2015 with 46m illegal downloads
Tracking agency Excipio reports more people watched pirated films in 2015, with Fast & Furious 7 in second place on Hollywood’s least favourite chart

Ben Child

29, Dec, 2015 @1:16 PM

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