The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

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Extract from Hunger Games prequel sparks anger among fans
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes returns to Panem, but gives dictator Coriolanus Snow a starring role

Alison Flood

22, Jan, 2020 @12:44 PM

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Natalie Dormer: ‘The British get very kinky under the collar’
The outspoken Game of Thrones actor on starring in S&M comedy Venus in Fur, the ongoing battles of feminism and society’s search for a panacea

Kathryn Bromwich

01, Oct, 2017 @7:00 AM

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The Hunger Games world is no country for glamorous women
Despite its female hero, The Hunger Games constantly depicts the conventional trappings of femininity as decadent, weak and dangerous. Warning: spoilers

Noah Berlatsky

30, Nov, 2015 @3:00 PM

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How The Hunger Games staged a revolution
It was always an unlikely Hollywood franchise: the story of a feminist hero trapped in a dystopian capitalist nightmare. But its message of rebellion and revolution has gone round the world and grossed billions. As its fans explain, the odds were ever in its favour

Danny Leigh

18, Nov, 2015 @7:19 PM

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Discretion, not CGI: how Philip Seymour Hoffman was kept in the Hunger Games
As Hollywood makes more franchise films, it will more often have to deal with the loss of actors during production. Mockingjay Part 2 shows how it’s done

Benjamin Lee

17, Nov, 2015 @12:35 PM

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New on Netflix in September – Keith Richards: Under the Influence, Line of Duty, Toy Story 1-3
The Stone rolls alone in a new rock doc, there’s another chance to see the Brit drama about cops fighting corruption, and enjoy family classics from Pixar

Guardian TV

03, Sep, 2015 @5:12 PM

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Room for some more? First trailer for final Hunger Games movie arrives
Jennifer Lawrence’s franchise-ending adventure, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, sees the Oscar winner fight back against the Capitol

Benjamin Lee

09, Jun, 2015 @4:30 PM

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Fast & Furious 7 zooms to success at the Golden Trailer awards
Three-minute ‘Family’ trailer highlighting final ride for late Paul Walker has taken top prize at annual ceremony

Ben Child

07, May, 2015 @7:39 AM

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When directors shoot movies back-to-back, who wins?
James Cameron’s plan to film three Avatar sequels one after the other represents the peak of Hollywood’s obsession with stockpile film-making

Luke Holland

30, Apr, 2015 @3:59 PM

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Selma and Boyhood miss out to The Maze Runner at the MTV movie awards
The Fault in Our Stars wins movie of the year while Jennifer Lopez wins best scared-as-shit performance for The Boy Next Door

Benjamin Lee

13, Apr, 2015 @8:15 AM

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The Homer Games: Mockingjay director to tackle The Odyssey
The director, the writer and the producer of the latest in the The Hunger Games franchise have been hired to bring the Greek epic to the screen

Benjamin Lee

09, Apr, 2015 @8:26 AM

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Will The Hobbit spark social revolution?
Letters: The appeal of The Lord of the Rings films lay in the courage that people saw in the small characters who made a difference despite their size


07, Apr, 2015 @7:56 PM

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