Helena Bonham Carter

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James Ivory: ‘I keep being asked, was it difficult, your life? My life, if anything, was too easy’
At 93, the Merchant Ivory director – and oldest ever Oscar winner – reflects on enduring love, delighting in his sexuality and defying film-making expectations

Hadley Freeman

29, Oct, 2021 @10:00 AM

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Isla Dewar obituary
Novelist who brought out the humour in the everyday triumphs and failures of her heroines

Margaret Clayton

26, Jul, 2021 @4:24 PM

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Hear me out: why Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes isn't a bad movie
The latest in our series of writers standing up for loathed films is an impassioned defence of the 2001 take on the 60s classic

Radheyan Simonpillai

28, Jan, 2021 @7:37 AM

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Helena Bonham Carter says The Crown should stress to viewers it's a drama
Actor who plays Princess Margaret adds her voice to calls for Netflix to add a disclaimer

Harry Taylor

01, Dec, 2020 @12:09 AM

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The Crown: the pleasure, and shock, of seeing the royals as truly human for once | Sarah Ditum
It’s always been easy to see the privilege. But no documentary can match The Crown in evoking the cost of that privilege

Sarah Ditum

15, Nov, 2020 @8:30 AM

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Helena Bonham Carter: ‘Divorce is cruel. But some parts are to be recommended'
She doesn’t believe in a stiff upper lip, or pretending – unless it’s for work. The actor talks about her split with Tim Burton, friendship with Johnny Depp, and playing the Queen’s sister

Hadley Freeman

31, Oct, 2020 @8:00 AM

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Tintoretto: A Rebel in Venice review – the rock'n'roll Renaissance master?
The 16th-century artist is painted – not quite convincingly – as a glamorous bad boy in this high-brow documentary portrait

Leslie Felperin

20, Feb, 2020 @1:00 PM

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Nell Gifford remembered by Helena Bonham Carter
The actor remembers the extraordinary vivacity and creativity of her friend the founder of Giffords Circus

Helena Bonham Carter

16, Dec, 2019 @2:30 PM

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The week in TV: Meat: A Threat to our Planet?; Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, and more
The existential threat posed by our love of burgers, and a predatory yogi both turned the stomach. Thank goodness for Elton John…

Barbara Ellen

01, Dec, 2019 @5:30 AM

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Is it sexist to call a brilliant, fit, younger male lover a toyboy?
Helena Bonham Carter is dating a man 21 years her junior and has decried the use of the term ‘toyboy’

06, Nov, 2019 @7:00 AM

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The Crown season three, first look review – Olivia Colman spreads regal rage on toast
Netflix’s stately saga returns with 10 cracking episodes, a top-notch cast – and a new queen taking her frustrations out on the breakfast

Lucy Mangan

04, Nov, 2019 @4:00 PM

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Fight Club at 20: the prescience and power of David Fincher's drama
The 1999 adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s anarchist novel was misunderstood by some as an agent of chaos but it remains an eerily forward-facing film

Scott Tobias

15, Oct, 2019 @5:00 AM

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