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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire review – breezy, forgettable monster sequel
There’s a likable, light-hearted zip to the monster mash follow-up but energy dissipates when we’re stuck with the humans

Benjamin Lee

28, Mar, 2024 @5:14 PM

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Godzilla Minus One review – a thunderously entertaining prequel
A failed kamikaze pilot, one furious radioactive lizard and a Japan devastated by war collide in Takashi Yamazaki’s unashamedly redemptive action thriller

Wendy Ide

17, Dec, 2023 @8:00 AM

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Terminator vs Rocky? What's next for the versus movie?
The monstrous success of monster smackdown Godzilla vs Kong may bring back a subgenre of movies that pit one famous character against another

Stuart Heritage

06, Apr, 2021 @6:35 AM

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Godzilla vs Kong review – duelling monsters make for one hell of a show
The two titans take each other on in a goofy and hugely enjoyable action adventure that delivers the big dumb thrills many of us have been craving

Benjamin Lee

29, Mar, 2021 @3:40 PM

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How Millie Bobby Brown used her superpowers
The Stranger Things star is still in her teens, but has moved beyond new kid on the block to be a Hollywood power broker

Vanessa Thorpe

28, Mar, 2021 @9:30 AM

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The 20 greatest smackdown movies – ranked!
As the world awaits the monstrous thrills of the new blockbuster Godzilla vs Kong, the genre’s big-hitters slug it out for top place

Stuart Heritage

25, Mar, 2021 @12:00 PM

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Godzilla vs Kong: the big dumb action movie we've been waiting for?
The trailer for the monster match-up promises bad dialogue and convoluted mythology, but also two giant creatures fighting until the death

Stuart Heritage

25, Jan, 2021 @4:27 PM

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Lockdown watch: Garth Marenghi creator Matthew Holness on appropriate horror – and its antidote
Continuing our series in which artists suggest self-isolation cinema, the man behind Darkplace on why pandemic-related movies require music documentary offset

Matthew Holness

08, Apr, 2020 @12:12 PM

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Charles Dance on making Godzilla: 'The catering was sensational!'
Freed from Game of Thrones and waging eco-terror in the new monster flick, cinema’s go-to bad aristo talks about turning down 007 and paparazzi ambushes

Ryan Gilbey

30, May, 2019 @12:42 PM

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters review – sound, fury and stupidity
A clunky sequel has rare moments of visual splendour but they can’t disguise a laughable script with a ramshackle narrative

Benjamin Lee

28, May, 2019 @9:00 PM

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10 of the best horror movie locations
From the town that inspires Stephen King to Hannibal Lecter’s stamping grounds, or the eeriest of Essex islands, here’s our pick of 10 frighteningly good real-life film sets

Will Coldwell

30, Oct, 2017 @6:00 AM

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Godzilla vs Kong: whoever wins Hollywood's monster mashup, we all lose
Adam Wingard has promised a definitive victor when the giant beasties go at it in 2020. But the history of ‘versus’ movies suggest that, irrespective of who triumphs, audiences will feel short-changed

Ben Child

22, Aug, 2017 @9:48 AM

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