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Oscar Isaac films – ranked!
As he appears in cinemas in Dune and The Card Counter – and on TV in Scenes from a Marriage – we rate the best roles of the rakish smoothie, from space fighter to folk singer

Guy Lodge

21, Oct, 2021 @11:00 AM

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'My father and I disagree on the purpose of cinema': Anders and Nicolas Winding Refn on film-making
The two Danish directors have known the joy of success and the pain of failure in their respective careers. Just don’t expect them to see eye to eye on anything else

Xan Brooks

11, Feb, 2021 @3:00 PM

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Nicolas Winding Refn: 'If Pence became president, this is what America might look like'
Booze-fuelled noir, monsters in girls’ schools and Christian propaganda are all on the Drive director’s lockdown viewing roster

Nicolas Winding Refn

29, May, 2020 @9:12 AM

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Nicolas Winding Refn: society has become necrophiliac as the internet merges death and beauty
Danish director defends polorised response to latest film in Cannes, suggests digital revolution has caused death and beauty to combine and alleges Lars von Trier tried to sleep with his wife

Catherine Shoard

20, May, 2016 @11:30 AM

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The Neon Demon review: Nicolas Winding Refn makes Zoolander 3, but erotic and evil
There is style and chutzpah in this vampiric story of supermodel cannibals – as well as a superb central turn from Elle Fanning – yet it lacks the focus and wallop of his earlier work

Peter Bradshaw

20, May, 2016 @4:31 AM

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‘Movie blood tastes so good’ – on The Neon Demon set with Nicolas Winding Refn
In his first horror movie, Drive director Refn puts Elle Fanning through hell as a young model in LA. Ahead of the film’s premiere at Cannes, we go behind the scenes

Danny Leigh

12, May, 2016 @4:00 PM

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Ryan Gosling: 'If I had to shake it like a showgirl, I was going to do it'
Hollywood’s most-memed star began his career as a Disney Mouseketeer to avoid a future of factory work. A year after his directorial debut was panned at Cannes, he explains how he coped with the critics – and why Lost River was inspired by his friendless childhood and his parents’ divorce

Danny Leigh

09, Apr, 2015 @6:02 PM

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Clip joint: tension inside cars
Join Guardian reader William Hutton on a journey through five of the best tense scenes set inside cars. Do you agree with his picks?

William Hutton

12, Jan, 2015 @10:44 AM

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Elle Fanning to star in Nicolas Winding Refn's Neon Demon
Sixteen-year-old star to play aspiring model in LA-set horror, Refn’s first feature since Only God Forgives

Ben Child

07, Jan, 2015 @9:41 AM

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Settling a score: movie soundtracks that should be removed
The producers of Gravity have released a version with no music at all. It could help. Which films do you think need better soundscapes, asks Stuart Heritage

Stuart Heritage

12, Nov, 2014 @3:34 PM

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Scandinavian directors lead Drive for London Film Critics' Circle awards
Ben Child: Nicolas Winding Refn's thriller and Tomas Alfredson's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy have been nominated for six awards apiece

Ben Child

20, Dec, 2011 @4:17 PM

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Disappointed that Ryan Gosling doesn't drive more? Get over it | Hadley Freeman

Hadley Freeman: The makers of the film Drive are being sued for not having enough, er, driving in it. But it's not the first to have a 'misleading' trailer

Hadley Freeman

11, Oct, 2011 @7:00 PM

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