Die Hard

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Yippee Ki YAAAy: Bruce Willis plugs Die Hard car batteries
More hard up than Die Hard? It may look like a trailer for John McClane’s next shoot-’em-up caper, but Willis’s action-packed commercial runs out of power fast

Stuart Heritage

19, Oct, 2020 @2:39 PM

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I grew up watching disaster movies. Here’s what I’ve learned | Hadley Freeman
From Armageddon to Outbreak, there’s something reassuring about their predictability, now more than ever

Hadley Freeman

21, Mar, 2020 @11:30 AM

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Which Christmas movie are you?
We all have a favourite festive film. But what does it mean if you are an Elf fan or a Love, Actually aficionado?

Stuart Heritage

25, Dec, 2019 @9:00 AM

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The ultimate festive film? No, it’s not Die Hard | Hadley Freeman
A true Christmas movie must adhere to the following scientific, mathematical and logical rules

Hadley Freeman

22, Dec, 2018 @9:00 AM

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Why are there so few Australian Christmas movies?
We watch the seasonal products from other countries and argue about them vigorously, so why is Australian Yuletide cheer so rarely committed to film?

Travis Johnson

11, Dec, 2018 @9:37 PM

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Die Hard review – Bruce Willis Christmas classic is still a blast
The deafening shootouts, the uproarious explosions and the killer catchphrase remain gloriously intact as the festive face-off gets a 30th anniversary rerelease

Peter Bradshaw

29, Nov, 2018 @2:00 PM

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All-nighter at the Scream house? The worst movie locations for a party
A gimmick-filled weekend away to the house that saw multiple teens get stabbed in the 1996 horror film brings other strange ideas to the surface

Stuart Heritage

25, Jul, 2018 @4:15 PM

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Die Hard at 30: how it remains the quintessential American action movie
Bruce Willis’ vest-wearing hero was an unlikely savior in 1988 and despite endless attempts to recycle the formula, he remains without equal in the genre

Scott Tobias

12, Jul, 2018 @9:00 AM

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The sequel paradox: when studios rewrite movies to fit into a franchise
The Cloverfield Paradox failed by forcing an unrelated script into an existing universe – and it’s not an isolated case

Benjamin Lee

08, Feb, 2018 @11:00 AM

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What is the best Christmas movie? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Lucinda Everett
What is the best Christmas movie? The arts writer Lucinda Everett has the answer

Lucinda Everett

27, Dec, 2017 @8:00 AM

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Yippee ki-yay, turkey plucker … how Die Hard became a classic Christmas movie
It’s not about Christmas, seldom shown at Christmas, and Bruce Willis’s vest isn’t red with fur trim – but this action blast is as essential as tinsel and telly

Michael Hann

21, Dec, 2017 @10:00 AM

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The key to a great Christmas film: misery and mayhem | Jack Bernhardt
Classic festive films contain more than their fair share of murder, suicide and doomed relationships, says comedy writer Jack Bernhardt

Jack Bernhardt

04, Dec, 2017 @8:00 AM

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