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David Lynch has your number. But does it add up?
He’s done weather forecasts and dream reports on his YouTube channel. Now the director is pulling numbers out of a jar – and he’s finally drawn mysterious seven. Numerology sleuths are on the case

Stuart Heritage

28, Sep, 2020 @12:03 PM

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Denis Villeneuve's Dune could be the version we've all been waiting for
The first full trailer reveals that Villeneuve conjured a dark and doom-laden reading of Herbert’s masterwork that will draw awestruck gasps

Ben Child

10, Sep, 2020 @11:50 AM

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The top 10 long-awaited films –  ranked!
Following substantial delays, anticipation is sky-high for Tenet and the new Bond, No Time to Die. But from Eraserhead to The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, plenty of movies have made their audiences wait

Ryan Gilbey

20, Aug, 2020 @11:00 AM

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Wild at Heart at 30: David Lynch's divisive and unruly road movie
It was booed at Cannes and received lukewarm reviews but there remains something compelling about its lurid extremities

Scott Tobias

17, Aug, 2020 @5:35 AM

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'Soon you'll hit gold!': the day I took lessons with Herzog, Atwood, Lynch and more
Comedy tips from Steve Martin, film-making lessons from David Lynch, ballet insights from Misty Copeland … our writer signs up for MasterClass, the star-studded online tutorial service that’s booming in lockdown

Daniel Dylan Wray

01, Jul, 2020 @3:06 PM

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What I'm really watching: David Lynch's YouTube channel
LA weather reports, office DIY projects, nature notes … they’re all there in the film director’s daily video blogs about California life, a sunny blessing in lockdown

Pamela Hutchinson

26, Jun, 2020 @12:13 PM

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Can Denis Villeneuve break the curse of Frank Herbert's Dune on the big screen?
After Alejandro Jodorowsky’s abortive 15-hour version and David Lynch’s tailspin of an attempt, it is Denis Villeneuve’s turn to ride the sandworm

Ben Child

10, Apr, 2020 @9:35 AM

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Twin Peaks at 30: some damn fine outfits but what do they mean?
It’s three decades since David Lynch’s groundbreaking TV show hit our screens, and the character’s clothes have aged as well as the drama

Lauren Cochrane

08, Apr, 2020 @7:00 AM

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Twin Peaks at 30: the weird and wonderful show that changed television
David Lynch’s surprise small screen outing remains one of the most fascinating and compelling pilot episodes ever made

Scott Tobias

08, Apr, 2020 @5:26 AM

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This much I know | Kyle McLachlan
The actor, 61, talks about Agent Cooper, working with David Lynch and how he got it wrong with Showgirls

James McMahon

14, Mar, 2020 @3:00 PM

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The Elephant Man review – David Lynch's tragic tale of compassion
Four decades on, John Hurt’s performance gives this biopic a poignancy that marks it apart from the rest of director’s work

Peter Bradshaw

12, Mar, 2020 @11:00 AM

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What Did Jack Do? review – David Lynch's surprise Netflix short is pure, surreal style
In this two-hander, the director plays a cop interrogating a capuchin monkey accused of murder – which is as funny and absurd as it sounds

Peter Bradshaw

20, Jan, 2020 @5:51 PM

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