David Lynch

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Piper Laurie obituary
American actor best known for her roles in the classic films The Hustler, Carrie and Children of a Lesser God

Ronald Bergan

15, Oct, 2023 @2:36 PM

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Dexter Fletcher: ‘I sat on Diana Dors’s knee and she said: “Aren’t you lovely!”’
The actor and director on getting shouted at by Ken Russell, keeping it real for Elton John and when Jodie Foster made a moustache out of his hair

As told to Rich Pelley

25, May, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Inland Empire review – David Lynch’s fascinatingly unwholesome altered-states horror
A supernatural mystery thriller about a ‘cursed’ film production - with the word “mystery” in 72-point bold

Peter Bradshaw

24, May, 2023 @11:10 AM

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‘It’s all in the damn history books’: David Lynch rails against the death of cinemas
In a recent interview the US director criticised watching films on phones, saying that ‘people think they’ve seen a movie, but they haven’t. It’s sad’

Andrew Pulver

24, Apr, 2023 @1:18 PM

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Kara Walker’s breakup was in a museum – so I went home and started writing my memoir
The point of reading a book, seeing an art show or listening to an album is to be absorbed – but this can also be bewildering and, at times, dangerous

Emma Forrest

24, Apr, 2023 @7:00 AM

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Deviant obsessions: how David Lynch predicted our fragmented times
His work is freaky and frightening, yet today the Twin Peaks director cuts an almost cosy figure. As he turns 77 – a number of significance – we explore how real life caught up with his dark visions

Phil Hoad

09, Jan, 2023 @6:00 AM

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Angelo Badalamenti obituary
Composer who created scores for the director David Lynch including his 1986 film Blue Velvet and the TV series Twin Peaks

Dorian Lynskey

20, Dec, 2022 @4:52 PM

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Angelo Badalamenti was a master composer who created theme music history with Twin Peaks
The composer had an esteemed career working with David Bowie and Nina Simone, but it was his unique partnership with David Lynch that set a benchmark for dramatic scores

Daniel Dylan Wray

13, Dec, 2022 @4:34 PM

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Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch’s composer on Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and more, dies aged 85
Musician collaborated with Lynch on multiple projects and albums, and also worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, David Bowie and Nina Simone

Sian Cain

12, Dec, 2022 @11:11 PM

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Lynch/Oz review – curtains pull back to reveal the wizard that is David Lynch
How the auteur was influenced by 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz is examined in witty and insightful expert contributions curated by Alexandre O Philippe

Peter Bradshaw

30, Nov, 2022 @1:00 PM

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‘I visited a dominatrix club where customers were used as tables’ – Patricia Arquette on making Lost Highway
The shooting of David Lynch’s neo-noir classic is recalled by Bill Pullman and Arquette, who had to watch many of her scenes through her fingers

Interviews by Phil Hoad

24, Oct, 2022 @2:25 PM

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me at 30: David Lynch’s underrated masterwork
Critics were lukewarm upon release but the resulting decades have been kinder to the unsettling prequel that takes a look at the real Laura Palmer

Oliver Macnaughton

28, Aug, 2022 @5:24 AM

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