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The Tender Bar review – George Clooney’s pain-free coming-of-age tale is a gritless oyster
This adaptation of JR Moehringer’s memoirs, directed by Clooney, is strikingly empty of plausible emotion

Peter Bradshaw

15, Dec, 2021 @12:00 PM

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Nobody review – Bob Odenkirk betters John Wick in fun action caper
The Better Call Saul star gets a furiously entertaining star vehicle playing a suburban father who finds himself up against the Russian mob

Benjamin Lee

24, Mar, 2021 @3:28 PM

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‘Wife No 5 is the last’: Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd on love and life
In 1984, Lloyd was playing a Klingon in Star Trek; today he’s William Shatner’s friend in the romcom Senior Moment. Soon, he will be King Lear. Is there a logic to his apparently chaotic career?

Toby Moses

22, Mar, 2021 @6:00 AM

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My favourite film aged 12: Back to the Future II
I can’t feel anything but eternal love for this propulsive, unrelenting time-travel sequel that changed my life

Daniel Harris

29, Apr, 2020 @11:26 AM

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10 of the strangest star cameos in video games
Rami Malek’s slasher horror, Bowie as a cyberpunk hacker, streetfighting Carmen Electra, and John Hurt down and dirty … improbable roles for A-listers

Keith Stuart

23, Mar, 2019 @1:36 PM

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I am not a Serial Killer review – portrait of the sociopath as a young man
Evoking the ghost of Donnie Darko, this weird horror hybrid is a darkly funny trip through the mind of a would-be killer

Mark Kermode, Observer film critic

11, Dec, 2016 @9:00 AM

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I Am Not a Serial Killer review – macabre tale about a Dexter in waiting
Where the Wild Things Are’s Max Records is a morbid teen and Christopher Lloyd is his suspicious neighbour, in this adaptation of Dan Wells’s YA novel

Mike McCahill

08, Dec, 2016 @9:30 PM

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Christopher Lloyd: ‘Donald Trump’s a beast. He needs to be put in a cage’
After three decades, the Back to the Future star is still happy to be known as zany scientist Doc Emmett Brown. He talks about the prescience of Biff Tannen’s politics and why he’s the only person alive to prefer the third film in the trilogy

Hadley Freeman

21, Nov, 2016 @7:00 AM

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How we made Modern Family
‘In casting we saw 200 or 300 people. At one point we thought, argh, maybe it should be animated’

Interviews by Lucy Mangan

27, Sep, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Back to the Future day - live, part one
Hoverboard charged? Sneakers self-tied? Pizza hydrated? Fax received? Then you’re ready to follow the action as the world celebrates the day to which Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel in 1989’s Back to the Future II

Nancy Groves, Catherine Shoard and Benjamin Lee

21, Oct, 2015 @1:25 PM

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Great Scott! Back to the Future turns 30 (and catches up with reality)
Thirty years since skateboarding teen Marty McFly first went time-travelling, Lea ‘Lorraine’ Thompson and Christopher ‘Doc’ Lloyd celebrate a remarkable trilogy

Catherine Shoard

01, Oct, 2015 @1:15 PM

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New Back to the Future short to be launched for anniversary
Doc Brown Saves the World – available with new DVD boxset, ahead of seminal time-travelling date 21 October 2015 – features Christopher Lloyd reprising role as wild-eyed inventor

Catherine Shoard

30, Sep, 2015 @11:35 AM

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