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Casablanca at 80: a golden age classic that remains impossible to resist
The involving and affecting romantic thriller is a sterling example of collaboration and how the studio system can often excel

Scott Tobias

26, Nov, 2022 @6:27 AM

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Filmmakers told to ditch sex scenes to protect actors from coronavirus
Updated guidance suggests directors take inspiration from classic films made when sex on screen was prohibited

Lanre Bakare Arts and culture correspondent

20, Aug, 2020 @7:00 AM

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From Fight Club to Brief Encounter: how self-isolation would change classic films
It’s now difficult to watch movies without worrying about the two-metre rule – here are the retrospective plot changes required to mean old movies pass muster

Stuart Heritage

24, Mar, 2020 @4:16 PM

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Cinematic smackers: the most significant kisses in film history
From rapture in Casablanca to a Corleone death sentence, here are the movies’ key lip-locks ahead of international kissing day

Stephen Brown

12, Apr, 2019 @10:25 AM

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The nine greatest best picture winners at the Oscars
As the awards celebrate their ninth decade, we look back on the times the Academy got it right when it came to the biggest prize

Wendy Ide

17, Feb, 2019 @12:00 PM

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A complacent Hollywood ignored rightwing radicalism – now movies need to tell the truth
Blockbuster superheroes and cartoons won’t save us – we need real stories on screen

Paul Mason

14, Nov, 2016 @6:27 PM

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Casablanca actor Madeleine LeBeau dies in Spain aged 92
French film star fled Nazis with husband Marcel Dalio, who co-starred with her in famous 1942 movie set in occupied Morocco

Ruth McKee

15, May, 2016 @4:34 PM

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We’ll always have Leicester (as Bogart nearly said to Bergman) | Peter Bradshaw
Never mind Jane Austen and her sensitive romantic dialogue. My favourite love scenes are where ordinary lines are drenched in love – and part of an affair

Peter Bradshaw

12, Feb, 2016 @5:12 PM

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Readers recommend: songs that stick it to the man | Peter Kimpton
Whether about rebels or rebellious in style, lyrics or subject, the only request here is to suggest songs that challenge authority in the workplace or beyond

Peter Kimpton

03, Dec, 2015 @8:00 PM

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Cinema Ritrovato: Hudson, Bergman, Keaton – a feast of film under Italian skies
From 2001: A Space Odyssey to the silent era via Casablanca, Bologna’s ‘found cinema’ festival serves up a magnificent range of classic and rarely seen movies

Pamela Hutchinson

06, Jul, 2015 @12:23 PM

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Don't look away now: the crucial movie moments you can't afford to miss
A phone call meant I wasn’t present for Jurassic World’s important foreshadowed GM-shark. So what other pivotal scenes in potential masterpieces have trips to the loo led me to overlook?

Joe Queenan

03, Jul, 2015 @10:15 AM

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Wizard of Oz is most influential Hollywood film
Judy Garland’s 1939 musical tops academic study’s list of films of cultural significance, with Star Wars in second and Psycho in third

Andrew Pulver

20, Jan, 2015 @8:45 AM

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