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Living review – Bill Nighy tackles life and death in exquisitely sad drama
A gentle and poignant Kazuo Ishiguro-scripted remake of Akira Kurosawa’s 1953 film Ikiru about a man dealing with a terminal diagnosis

Peter Bradshaw

21, Jan, 2022 @8:50 PM

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Bill Nighy to narrate Terry Pratchett’s footnotes in new Discworld recordings
The actor will bring Pratchett’s ‘personal commentary’ to life in a star-studded re-recording of all 40 Discworld audiobooks, featuring narrators from Indira Varma to Andy Serkis

Alison Flood

16, Nov, 2021 @9:35 AM

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Buckley’s Chance review – Bill Nighy’s bad accent fronts an onerous slab of outback flapdoodle
Family film conveys an old-timey, clichéd impression of life in Australia that has ‘exportable’ written all over it

Luke Buckmaster

23, Jun, 2021 @4:10 AM

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TV tonight: the Food Unwrapped team find out about raspberries
Matt Tebbutt heads to Spain, while Andi Oliver looks into pre-prepared onions. Plus: Rosie Jones enjoys Whitby. Here’s what to watch this evening

Ammar Kalia, Jack Seale, Hannah J Davies, Phil Harrison and Paul Howlett

16, Apr, 2021 @5:20 AM

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‘In real life, people aren’t heroic’: Annette Bening and Bill Nighy on why marriages implode
The two actors talk about their new film, Hope Gap, and along with co-star Josh O’Connor and director William Nicholson, share their thoughts on honesty, fidelity and the perils of talking at breakfast

Catherine Shoard

28, Aug, 2020 @5:00 AM

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Hope Gap review – marriage hits the rocks at the seaside
Annette Bening and Bill Nighy are terrific as a middle-aged couple who have everything – except a happy relationship

Leslie Felperin

27, Aug, 2020 @11:00 AM

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Minamata review – Johnny Depp attempts redemption in heartfelt look at disaster that struck Japanese town
Johnny Depp plays real-life US photojournalist W Eugene Smith who travels to cover the story of mercury poisoning that caused horrendous disfigurements

Peter Bradshaw

21, Feb, 2020 @8:30 PM

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Emma review – Austen's sweet satire gets a multiplex makeover
Autumn de Wilde’s adaptation ramps up the comedy, but Anya Taylor-Joy remains wonderfully edgy as the meddling heroine

Mark Kermode

16, Feb, 2020 @8:00 AM

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Bill Nighy: ‘It takes me a long time to recover if I see myself on screen'
Famous for his languid charm, Bill Nighy is anything but relaxed. He talks acting, anxiety – and the dreadful challenge of casual dressing

Miranda Sawyer

26, Jan, 2020 @8:00 AM

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StarDog and TurboCat review – laboured time-travel animation
A canine astronaut crashes back to Earth 50 years into the future in this relentless, sentimental adventure for younger kids

Cath Clarke

05, Dec, 2019 @3:00 PM

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Hope Gap review – Annette Bening stumbles in empty divorce drama
The Oscar nominee wrestles with an ill-fitting British accent playing a woman whose life crumbles after her husband leaves for another woman

Benjamin Lee in Toronto

07, Sep, 2019 @3:30 AM

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Sometime Always Never review – a triple-word score of a movie
Bill Nighy is a Scrabble-obsessed father grieving for a missing son

Wendy Ide

16, Jun, 2019 @7:00 AM

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