Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Sardinian town invokes Arnold Schwarzenegger link to give population a US boost
Ten Americans will pay €1 a month to live in Ollolai, birthplace of former Mr Universe Franco Columbu

Angela Giuffrida in Rome

04, Jun, 2023 @1:15 PM

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Fubar review – Arnie’s a natural comedian in this unstoppably daft crime drama
This thriller’s backstory makes no sense and it gives Schwarzenegger one of his worst ever catchphrases – but it’s a comic role he’s spent his life prepping for

Stuart Jeffries

25, May, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Gavin Newsom presidential run is ‘no-brainer’, Arnold Schwarzenegger says
Actor who earned the nickname ‘governator’ based on his roles in the Terminator films ran the golden state for eight years from 2003

Martin Pengelly in New York

16, May, 2023 @8:47 PM

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Arnold Schwarzenegger rebuked for filling LA pothole that was not a pothole
Exasperated former California governor takes action but officials say ‘giant pothole’ is actually service trench dug by utility workers

Richard Luscombe

12, Apr, 2023 @6:25 PM

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Arnold Schwarzenegger calls antisemites losers who will die miserably
The actor and former governor of California tells YouTube viewers he wants to steer them away from ‘a trap of prejudice and hate’

Catherine Shoard

07, Mar, 2023 @11:22 AM

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Can James Cameron revive the Terminator saga – or is it time to switch the cyborgs off?
The Oscar-winning director says a reboot for sci-fi series ‘is in discussion’. But is the franchise all out of ideas?

Ben Child

23, Dec, 2022 @10:32 AM

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From Die Hard to The Raid: Guardian writers on their favourite action movies
As Brad Pitt’s new thriller Bullet Train arrives in cinemas, Guardian writers have picked their most exciting action films of all time

Scott Tobias, Charles Bramesco, Jesse Hassenger, Adrian Horton, Veronica Esposito, Andrew Pulver, Benjamin Lee, Radheyan Simonpillai, Lisa Wong Macabasco, AA Dowd and Andrew Lawrence

02, Aug, 2022 @6:07 AM

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Something about Miriam Margolyes v Arnold Schwarzenegger smells funny
National treasure Margolyes has resurrected her claim that Arnie deliberately farted in her face during the making of the 1999 film End of Days. But could she have an ulterior motive?

Stuart Heritage

20, Jul, 2022 @11:59 AM

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Kapow! Our writers pick their favorite Batman movie
To celebrate the release of The Batman, Guardian writers have written about their all-time favorite Caped Crusader films from Adam West to Ben Affleck

Peter Bradshaw, Andrew Pulver, Radheyan Simonpillai, Janelle Zara, Lisa Wong Macabasco, Charles Bramesco, Simon Abrams, Luke Holland, Benjamin Lee, Toby Moses, Nicholas Barber and Ben Child

04, Mar, 2022 @7:22 AM

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Ivan Reitman obituary
Film director and producer, known for irreverent comedies such as Ghostbusters and Animal House

Ryan Gilbey

14, Feb, 2022 @4:56 PM

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Hands off The Princess Bride! Which 80s fantasy films are due a reboot?
Several of the decade’s cinematic fantasy adventures are unimprovable but others – Dragonslayer, or The Neverending Story perhaps – are not

Ben Child

26, Nov, 2021 @11:22 AM

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Terminator 2 at 30: groundbreaking sequel that led to CGI laziness
James Cameron’s show-stopping follow-up to his surprise sci-fi hit was a spectacular display of both stunts and soul but its major strides caused others to trip up

Charles Bramesco

03, Jul, 2021 @6:06 AM

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