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AI at 20: Spielberg’s misunderstood epic remains his darkest movie yet
The odd combination of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg brings a unique quality to this heartbreaking story of a robot in search of love

Scott Tobias

29, Jun, 2021 @6:05 AM

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50 years of 2001: A Space Odyssey – how Kubrick's sci-fi 'changed the very form of cinema'
As Stanley Kubrick’s monolithic movie celebrates its half century, special effects gurus, directors and those who worked on the film consider its legacy

As told to Phil Hoad

02, Apr, 2018 @10:00 AM

Film of the week: AI Artificial Intelligence

The Spielberg-Kubrick collaboration AI should have been a dream ticket, but, says Peter Bradshaw, it's a soggy mess.

Peter Bradshaw

21, Sep, 2001 @3:40 AM

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Peter Bradshaw: A terrible disappointment: a very quaint, dated vision of the "future" with some of the ickiest, trickiest, sickiest child acting you are likely to see

Peter Bradshaw

21, Sep, 2001 @1:37 AM

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Exile on Main Street
Steven Spielberg’s new film AI: Artificial Intelligence is being touted as his ‘Kubrick’ movie - the older director passing the baton to the younger man. For Alex Cox, though, it’s a simple exploitation of the Kubrick myth - which in itself was a public relations exercise by a streetwise operator.

Alex Cox

14, Sep, 2001 @3:39 AM

A.I. brings robots back to the screen

With the release of Steven Spielberg's AI in the US, robots are enjoying a small renaissance at the box office. And this time, says Dan Dinello, they come in peace.

Dan Dinello

29, Jun, 2001 @12:14 AM

Stanley told Steven: 'You'd be the best guy to direct this film'

Kubrick, Spielberg and the AI project

Steve Rose

05, May, 2000 @7:58 AM

Jude Law in talks for Spielberg film

Still with one eye on this month's Academy Awards, Oscar-nominated Jude Law is in negotiations with both Warner Brothers and DreamWorks to take a starring role in Steven Spielberg's AI

16, Mar, 2000 @11:40 AM

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