Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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‘I’m an all-or-nothing person’: actor Maisie Richardson-Sellers on risks, rewards and keeping it real
Her first ever role was in Star Wars, but Maisie Richardson-Sellers is also fascinated by more down-to- earth stories about women, queer love and politics

Chris Mandle

31, Jul, 2022 @1:00 PM

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Oscar Isaac films – ranked!
As he appears in cinemas in Dune and The Card Counter – and on TV in Scenes from a Marriage – we rate the best roles of the rakish smoothie, from space fighter to folk singer

Guy Lodge

21, Oct, 2021 @11:00 AM

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May the fourth be with you: the Guardian Star Wars Day quiz
Twenty-four questions to test your knowledge of the weird and wonderful characters that populate the Star Wars universe

Martin Belam

04, May, 2020 @10:34 AM

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Max von Sydow could transform the trashiest pulp fantasy flick into a cultural touchstone
He brought classical elegance to Conan the Barbarian, operatic grandeur to Flash Gordon and regained the trust of Star Wars fans, preempting the surge of highbrow stars in sci-fi

Ben Child

11, Mar, 2020 @3:57 PM

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Daisy Ridley: ‘JJ Abrams warned me that Star Wars is a religion’
She was working in a pub when she was cast in the franchise. Six years and three movies later, is the force still strong?

Nosheen Iqbal

07, Dec, 2019 @8:00 AM

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John Boyega: I've met Americans who don't know black people live in London
Entertainment is great chance to open people’s eyes, says Star Wars actor

Lanre Bakare

05, Dec, 2019 @12:01 AM

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Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca: a charming and good-natured movie pioneer | Peter Bradshaw
The man inside Star Wars’ Wookiee suit may not have been instantly recognisable, but his skills helped lay the groundwork for current blockbuster movies

Peter Bradshaw

03, May, 2019 @9:02 AM

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This Star Wars mega-trailer offers us a thrilling sense of what might have been
Topher Grace’s Star Wars Always supercut blends footage of the best-known films to suggest a radical vision for the saga

Ben Child

28, Feb, 2019 @10:54 AM

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Mary Poppins, The BFG and Spectre: your complete Christmas film guide
The best festive films, from the classic The Grand Budapest Hotel, to modern favourites such as Up and Brooklyn, plus the creepy baby from Twilight and everything in between

Paul Howlett and Phil Harrison

15, Dec, 2018 @10:00 AM

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Millennials vote to put The Force Awakens in a time capsule – is that any way to afford a house?
A study has revealed the films from the current decade millennials would like to send to the future. It’s conclusive proof of their lack of moral fibre

Stuart Heritage

09, Aug, 2018 @11:03 AM

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Why are (some) Star Wars fans so toxic?
Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose, has received a torrent of online abuse and quit Instagram. Is the worst thing about Star Wars other Star Wars fans?

Luke Holland

07, Jun, 2018 @12:28 PM

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Every Star Wars film – ranked!
From the saga’s debut in 1977 to this month’s Solo and (almost) everything in between, we rank 14 of the Star Wars films and spin-offs

Peter Bradshaw

24, May, 2018 @12:00 PM

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