Katharine Hepburn

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Honest, Sir, it wasn’t me 😇| Brief letters
Brief letters: School forms | Emojis | NHS ranking | Actors with chemistry


10, Aug, 2021 @4:30 PM

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How a holiday away from it all turned into a Hitchcockian nightmare | Rachel Cooke
Miles from civilisation, our cottage became the target of an aerial bombardment – by rooks

Rachel Cooke

25, Jul, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Radio play goes behind the scenes of 1967 dinner that challenged America
All-star cast to recreate making of the Sidney Poitier mixed-race marriage drama Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Vanessa Thorpe

29, Nov, 2020 @9:45 AM

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Katharine Hepburn’s 20 best films – ranked!
With the Hollywood legend’s classic romcom The Philadelphia Story turning 80 next month, here is our critic’s rundown of her finest performances

Peter Bradshaw

12, Nov, 2020 @12:48 PM

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Culture to cheer you up during the second lockdown: part two
Following yesterday’s roundup of music, games, books, TV, dance and visual art, our critics continue their picks of culture to lift the spirits during tough times

Peter Bradshaw, Brian Logan, Arifa Akbar, Hannah Verdier and Andrew Clements

06, Nov, 2020 @11:13 AM

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The top 25 most compelling Hollywood autobiographies – ranked!
Inspiring, addictive and occasionally gasp-worthy – to mark the publication of Woody Allen’s Apropos of Nothing, we arrange the best Tinseltown memoirs in order of excellence

Peter Bradshaw

02, Apr, 2020 @2:03 PM

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Scotty Bowers, ‘male madame to the stars’, dies aged 96
Bowers claimed to have slept his way through golden-age Hollywood while helping stars hide and indulge their true sexual natures

Martin Pengelly

15, Oct, 2019 @3:39 PM

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Faye Dunaway fired from Broadway-bound play Tea at Five
Oscar winner has been removed from a production of a one-woman show where she played Katharine Hepburn

Benjamin Lee

25, Jul, 2019 @2:06 PM

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Hollywood's secret history: Scotty Bowers on sex and stars in the Golden Era
A new documentary reworks the memoir of Bowers, who boasts he paired Cary Grant with Rock Hudson and Katharine Hepburn with 150 brunettes – and slept with so many actors he didn’t have time to see their films

Amy Nicholson

03, Aug, 2018 @5:00 AM

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Anthony Harvey obituary
British film director who vied with Hollywood greats and worked with Katharine Hepburn on The Lion in Winter

Ronald Bergan

08, Dec, 2017 @10:57 AM

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DVD reviews: Baby Driver, Cars 3, Office Christmas Party and more
Edgar Wright’s boy racer film is all speed and no substance, while The Philadelphia Story shows that Hollywood comedies once valued both sexes

Guy Lodge

12, Nov, 2017 @8:00 AM

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Forget La La Land, the real goddesses of the silver screen had substance as well as style
The era was no feminist paradise for women, but stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck proved attractive women could also be demanding and intelligent

Sarah Churchwell

24, Feb, 2017 @4:00 PM

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