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Sorry, Seth Rogen: good film reviews wouldn’t mean much if bad ones weren’t allowed
The actor has been complaining about the hurt that critics can deliver. But someone has to call out stinkers, as you would think he’d agree

Peter Bradshaw

09, Mar, 2023 @12:04 PM

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats ordeal: let’s hope it doesn’t spawn a sequel
The theatre impresario was so stung by the dismal film that he became a dog lover – but he mustn’t let this give him any ideas

Stuart Heritage

08, Oct, 2021 @2:44 PM

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Andrew Lloyd Webber says he hated the film Cats so much he bought a dog
Composer says one good thing that came out of the big screen version of his stage musical was ‘my little Havanese puppy’

Samantha Lock

08, Oct, 2021 @1:52 AM

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Beyond the Snyder cut: the other mythical films we're curious to see
From an R-rated Mrs Doubtfire to an ultra-violent Event Horizon, film history is littered with rumours of cuts that may or may not exist

Charles Bramesco

23, Mar, 2021 @6:27 AM

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Hear us out: readers defend their favourite hated movies
As our writers continue to defend their favourite maligned movies, Guardian readers shared their picks for impassioned defence

Guardian readers

24, Feb, 2021 @6:28 AM

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'Rum Tum Tugger is the sexiest': one-man Cats show claws through film flop
Bad films can spawn kitschy, cult devotion, as Linus Karp demonstrates in How to Live a Jellicle Life

Arifa Akbar

16, Dec, 2020 @2:28 PM

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Andrew Lloyd Webber calls Cats film 'ridiculous'
Composer of hit musical says director Tom Hooper didn’t consult those involved in the original show when making his widely panned film adaptation

Catherine Shoard

03, Aug, 2020 @12:07 PM

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Armando Iannucci: 'We're watching Cats five mins a night – to prolong the agony'
Kurosawa’s ‘uplifting’ film about poverty and Chernobyl are on the viewing roster of the Avenue 5 creator, who calls on the UK government to prioritise the arts sector

As told to Rich Pelley

19, Jun, 2020 @5:00 AM

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Lockdown catnip? Original film of Cats to be streamed online
Made 20 years before Tom Hooper’s critically savaged production, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1998 version stars Elaine Paige as Grizabella

Chris Wiegand

11, May, 2020 @1:19 PM

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'I haven’t seen it. I've heard it's terrible': match the Cats cast member to their quote
Judi Dench has broken her silence on Tom Hooper’s musical, calling her Cats coat ‘battered, mangy’, ‘a great big orange bruiser’ and more colourful descriptions. So what have her colleagues said about the film?

Stuart Heritage

05, May, 2020 @11:35 AM

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The Butthole Cut: if the rumours are true there really was a worse version of Cats
You thought the terrifying, sexualised felines that made it to the big screen were bad? Well, thank God for the CGI artists who erased the original bottoms

09, Apr, 2020 @5:30 AM

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'In homage to cockroach limbs': Tom Hooper's Cats commentary deepens the mystery
The man behind the much-maligned musical film has shared some of its secrets – prepare to be baffled

Catherine Shoard

26, Mar, 2020 @1:02 PM

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