Turbo: watch the trailer for Dreamworks' animation - video

Turbo (Ryan Reynolds) is a garden snail tired of his slow life, who spends his days watching car races. Desperate to become faster, a freak accident grants him the power of super speed. Turbo sets out on a mission to compete in the world's fastest race: the Indianapolis 500. Turbo is in UK cinemas now

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Turbo – review

A snail plans to race cars in the Indianapolis 500 in a family animation clearly cross-bred from earlier animated hits, writes Peter Bradshaw

Peter Bradshaw

17, Oct, 2013 @9:10 PM

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Turbo – review

A speed-obsessed snail hits the racetrack in DreamWorks' nonsensical digimation, writes Mark Kermode

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Hollywoo: watch the trailer - video

A Parisian voice artist travels to LA to convince the Hollywood starlet who provides her with most of her acting work to change her mind about retiring

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Turbo boosts UK box office, but Captain Phillips really pushes the boat out

New commercial fare helped box office bounce back; Escape Plan proves Sly + Arnie still works but Enough Said not enough, writes Charles Gant

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Film trailer: Shrek Forever After

The now-domesticated green ogre is duped into signing a contract which results in him being transported to an alternate version of Far Far Away

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A young professional couple living in New York both lose their jobs on the same day and decide to move into a hippy commune where free love and artistic expression rule

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