A Monster in Paris: watch the trailer - video

Set in Paris during the great flood of 1910, A Monster in Paris concerns a film nerd and a his wisecracking friend, who befriend a zoot-suited monster who plays jazz guitar for a young nightclub singer (voiced by Vanessa Paradis). Originally presented in French, now dubbed into English

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Rango: watch the trailer - video

A pet chameleon escapes from captivity and finds himself in the wild west outpost of Dirt, where the townspeople are looking for a new sheriff. Seeing an opportunity to live his dream, Rango (Johnny Depp) bluffs his way into the job ...

16, Feb, 2012 @1:33 PM

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Rio: watch the trailer - video

Blu the macaw (Jesse Eisenberg) has his peaceful life turned upside by the arrival of Jewel (Anne Hathaway) - a feisty bird intent of breaking his domestic habits by taking him on the trip of a lifetime

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Monsters University: watch the new trailer - video

Monsters Inc's top scarers look back on their college years, when the pairs' competitiveness threatened to throw the roommates' friendship off course. Features Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Helen Mirren as the monsters' strict lecturer

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: watch the trailer - video

The latest escapade in the Ice Age series sees Manny the mammoth, sabre tooth tiger Diego and Sid the sloth set adrift in the ocean after Scrat's endless pursuit of an acorn leads to a cataclysmic tectonic event

03, Jul, 2012 @8:12 AM

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Postman Pat: The Movie: watch the trailer – video

Stephen Mangan voices the popular children's character in a new big-screen outing

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Dr Seuss' The Lorax: watch the trailer - video

The town of Thneedville has got used to a life without trees, which have been cut down to make room for all the goods that the townsfolk need. In an attempt to impress the girl of his dreams, a young Thneed seeks out The Lorax - the mythical creature who may have the power to bring the trees back

16, Jul, 2012 @1:06 PM

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Kung fu Panda 2: watch the trailer - video

Po the panda, now a fully fledged Dragon Warrior, must team up with a group of fellow martial artists to fight an evil peacock that wants to take over China

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Beauty and the Beast: watch the trailer - video

A 3D re-working of Disney's classic fairy tale, in which poor village girl Belle is sent to work in castle owned by the mysterious Beast and finds that the villagers' fear of their overlord isn't justified

04, May, 2012 @9:11 AM

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Brave: watch the trailer for Pixar's new film - video

Disney Pixar's latest animation sees Merida, a young Scottish highlander fight a terrifying giant bear ... and her parents' plans to marry her off to one of the three local clansmen

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Frozen: watch the trailer for Disney's new animated film - video

Watch the trailer for Disney's new film, a 3D animated adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen

18, Jun, 2013 @10:52 AM