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Poor John Crace, not able to use rat runs get to get his garden rubbish to the tip (Digested week, 28 August). A compost bin might reduce his stress level and also help keep my neighbourhood the cleaner, safer and quieter area it has become since Wandsworth council’s initiative to establish low-traffic areas.
Paul Winnack
Wandsworth, London

10 of the Best Meals in Movies in the weekend guide (28 August) and no mention of Babette’s Feast? How is this possible? This superb 1987 Danish film must surely rank as one of the 10 best, if not the very best. I trust you will now address this serious omission.
Sue Saffer

• Having read that Peter Adamson received six separate, identical letters regarding the increase in his Guardian subscription (Letters, 27 August), perhaps we could start a game of Top Trumps as I have received eight.
Geoff Grote
Romford, London

• Bede noted five languages and four nations in Britain. Scots was not one of those languages. I look forward to reading Wikipedia in Pictish (Shock an aw: US teenager wrote huge slice of Scots Wikipedia, 26 August).
Kay Williams

• Rest assured, Neil James (Letters, 25 August) – all is not lost. My eight-year-old grandson is able to identify starlings. They are his favourite birds because they “look as though they are covered in stars”.
Jennifer Mackie
Wellington Heath, Herefordshire

• OK, I give up – maybe I’m not enough of an anorak. Can someone explain to me what a Lee Twatwater is (Marina Hyde, 28 August)?
Dr Mark Wilcox
New Mill, West Yorkshire


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