So you want to win an Oscar? You'd better follow these new rules ...

1. Screenings Screenings must not be accompanied by receptions, buffets or other refreshments, nor should they be accompanied by any kind of live participation by anyone associated with the film.

2. Screening schedules Notices of upcoming screenings may be mailed to members, but only in letter format (8.5x11 inch paper, no photographs, no glossy or card stock) or postcards.

3. Quote ads Any form of advertising that includes quotes or comments by Academy members is prohibited.

4. Email Email may not extol the merits of a film, an achievement or an individual.

5. Websites References or links to any website that promotes an eligible film are not permitted in mailings targeted to Academy members.

6. Videotapes and DVDs A member may not be sent both a DVD and videotape of the same motion picture.

7. Videotape/DVD packaging The packaging of videotapes and DVDs should be limited to simple sleeves or boxes. An empty tape or DVD box may not be sent to members as a "placeholder" or reminder that the actual tape or DVD will be sent at some future date. Use of the same packaging as used in the commercial release is no longer permitted.

8. Music Recordings must be identical to renditions used in the film.

9. Music packaging Neither packaging nor the item may refer to other awards or achievements.

10. Inserts Information about upcoming screenings may be inserted into the packaging of video cassettes, DVDs and music recordings. However, slightly heavier paper or card stock may not be used.

11. Screenplays Screenplays sent should accurately reflect the film as released and should be in standard studio form.

12. Third party distribution Film companies are prohibited from doing indirectly that which these regulations prohibit them from doing directly and using subscriber-based publications to distribute promotional materials to Academy members who are not subscribers to those publications.

13. Telephone lobbying Any organised effort to contact members by telephone on behalf of a film or achievement is forbidden, even if such contact is in the guise of checking to make sure a screener was received.

14. Events Receptions, dinners or other events specifically designed to promote a film or achievement for Academy awards consideration are expressly forbidden.

15. 'Academy' office Some film companies refer to their "campaign" offices as "the Academy office". If a name is needed for units designed to campaign during the first quarter of the year, the Academy suggests the more accurate "Awards office".

· From Regulations Concerning the Promotion of Films Eligible for the 76th Academy Awards, issued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, July 2003.

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