Return To Me

Peter Bradshaw: It might have been fun, but there's no spark between the two lovers... and Duchovny's presence is purest teak

Anyone who's seen David Duchovny express his gay yearnings for Larry Sanders will know he has a gift for expressing infatuation with comic lightness. Sadly, this gift entirely deserts him in Return To Me , a dull romantic comedy with David as a guy whose wife (Joely Richardson) tragically dies, her heart getting donated to young waitress Grace (Minnie Driver), and there's no prizes for guessing who she then happens to fall in love with. As Mr Harry Hill would say: "What are the chances of that?"

There is a touch of Sleepless in Seattle here, but David plays not merely an architect like Tom Hanks ,but someone who has an all-in-one "design and construction" business, so he gets to be brainy and wear the Village People helmet. It might have been fun, but there's no spark between the two lovers; the only decent performance (Richardson) is killed off in the first reel and Duchovny's presence is purest teak.


Peter Bradshaw

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