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It’s time to kick up our (sensible, mid-height) heels again | Jess Cartner Morley
Whether it’s a kitten slingback or block-heeled court, the medium heel is the two-glasses-of-wine, home-by-midnight option. And there’s no shame in that

Jess Cartner-Morley

17, Mar, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Heels are on the rise and I’m ready to fall for them again. Literally | Jess Cartner-Morley
After a lockdown hiatus, high heels are back – which means taking baby steps as we learn how to walk in them all over again

Jess Cartner-Morley

11, Nov, 2022 @2:00 PM

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So long, high heels. I have been too comfy, for too long, to go back
For years, I was wedded to my stilettos and spikes. Now, who needs them? Give me plimsolls, brogues, loafers and flats

Sali Hughes

26, Sep, 2020 @12:00 PM

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Listen to Japan’s women: high heels need kicking out of the workplace | Summer Brennan
The #KuToo campaign reflects a long history of female repression and suffering, says author Summer Brennan

Summer Brennan

06, Jun, 2019 @8:41 AM

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Small is the new big as micro bags takes over the high street
Social media drives trend in mini bags with skinny sunglasses and tiny heels

Morwenna Ferrier

08, Apr, 2018 @5:59 AM

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Canadian province makes it illegal to require women to wear high heels
British Columbia amends workplace act saying high heels are a threat to employee health and safety

Pádraig Collins

08, Apr, 2017 @5:44 AM

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High heels not fit for purpose of exercise | Brief letters
Brief letters: The joys of old age | Fear of ‘pensioner’ label | Fitness footwear | The Asda | Not the LSE | Weetabix recipe competition

Brief letters

29, Jan, 2017 @6:16 PM

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Why heels are the height of female vulnerability | Deborah Orr
Nicola Thorp is a feminist hero for her stand against high heels. They don’t just hobble us, they wear us – and still women are daft about them

Deborah Orr

13, May, 2016 @6:33 PM

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A nine-hour shift in high heels: 'I'm so hungry, but can’t face walking to Pret'
After a secretary was reportedly sent home for refusing to wear heels, Imogen Fox tries to survive a day in the office in stilettos

Imogen Fox

13, May, 2016 @4:17 PM

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It’s confirmed – men are mesmerised by high heels. Except me, that is | Ally Fogg
Ally Fogg: You told us: I cannot understand why these instruments of torture are so irresistible to straight men. Give me a woman in DMs any day

Ally Fogg

11, Dec, 2014 @12:00 PM

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Killer Heels: the art of the stiletto – in pictures
From traditional Japanese stacked sandals to modern designers’ erotic flights of fancy, the high-heeled shoe towers provocatively above all other footwear in women’s – and men’s – imaginations. A new exhibition traces their story

Mee-Lai Stone

05, Sep, 2014 @6:00 AM

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Aldo Rise and Ostwald Helgason shoes - fashion buy of the day

Design duo Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason have created a spring/summer 2014 line for Aldo Rise, the franchise's premium line

22, Apr, 2014 @11:35 AM

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