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I hate to be a Christmas grump, but please discourage the indiscriminate use of “squish” and “squishy” (Fashion has gone soft and squishy, which is a comfort in hard times, 2 December). These onomatopoeic words suggest moisture: a tomato is squishy if squashed; a squashed cushion can’t be squishy unless wet. Jess Cartner-Morley’s discovery of “a squishy coat for everyone these days” is therefore likely to cause consternation rather than joy.
Paul McGilchrist
Colchester, Essex

• “We are concerned about the impact strikes by multiple unions will have on the people of this country” says the prime minister’s spokesperson (NHS set to grind to a halt on 20 December in coordinated strike, 1 December). Members of multiple unions are the people of this country, and they deserve support, not this hostile language.
Eileen Poore

• Deep irony from the full-page National Rail advertisement in the Saturday magazine (3 December). I quote: “Get closer to the people, places and things you love, by train. Nothing beats being there.”
Val Seddon

• I wonder how often Susan Hussey interrogated the Queen about her German origins (Charity boss felt palace’s Lady Hussey tried to make her ‘denounce citizenship’, 1 December).
Bill Bradbury

• Camp coffee? Chico? In my day we used ground-up acorns (Letters, 29 November).
Karen Lewton
Newcastle upon Tyne

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