Wild flowers

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Country diary: Red clover is – somehow – helping me | Amy-Jane Beer
Welburn, North Yorkshire: What started as bouts of forgetfulness has led me to digging into the value of natural remedies, whether real or imagined

Amy-Jane Beer

13, Nov, 2023 @5:30 AM

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‘Inestimable importance’: 500-year-old cache of pressed flowers reveals new secrets
Thousands of specimens from the 1500s show huge changes to Bologna’s flora due to climate crisis and migration, say researchers

Phoebe Weston

08, Nov, 2023 @9:00 AM

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‘Just keep going’: the horse-riding 97-year-old botanist battling for England’s wildflowers
Margaret Bradshaw has spent decades studying Teesdale – and is fighting to preserve its unique mix of plants

Phoebe Weston

03, Nov, 2023 @6:30 AM

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Seeds of doubt: mystery remains over how sunflowers track light
Researchers find the plants don’t use conventional processes to follow the sun across the sky

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

31, Oct, 2023 @6:39 PM

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‘Change is in the air’: a stay at a rewilding project in Yorkshire
The Broughton estate dates back to a time when wolves still roamed England. Now they are working to restore this ancient landscape – and provide a sanctuary for guests to recharge

Adam Weymouth

19, Oct, 2023 @6:00 AM

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‘I’ve gone through bereavement’: HS2 bought this man’s land, and for what?
Edward Cavenagh-Mainwaring’s fields were bought up five days before Sunak scrapped HS2. He fears he’ll never be able to buy them back

Patrick Barkham

06, Oct, 2023 @8:00 AM

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Country diary: After the harvest, the wildflower opportunists have moved in | Phil Gates
Teesdale, North Pennines: Before the plough returns, there’s time to enjoy field pansy and cut-leaved cranesbill, thriving in bare earth

Phil Gates

06, Oct, 2023 @4:30 AM

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Country diary: The most beautiful monuments on a moor not short of them | Mark Cocker
Bleaklow, Derbyshire: The ancient Barrow Stones reveal so much on close inspection, if you unleash your inner whim

Mark Cocker

03, Oct, 2023 @4:30 AM

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The world’s largest – and stinkiest – flower in danger of extinction, scientists say
The 42 known species of the parasitic plant Rafflesia, known as the corpse flower, are endangered due to destruction of forest habitats

Phoebe Weston

20, Sep, 2023 @6:00 AM

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‘Joyous’: Cornish seed-scattering event marks fightback against habitat loss
Volunteers and fiddle group help launch three-year project to create wildflower meadow across Cornwall

Steven Morris

14, Sep, 2023 @1:31 PM

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Country diary: Time for the arable weeds to shine
Sandy, Bedfordshire: You can see why the Phacelia is also called ‘fiddleneck’, as its flowers go over in the slide towards autumn

Derek Niemann

13, Sep, 2023 @4:30 AM

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10 wildflower seeds to collect now, from wild carrot to Welsh poppies
This is the ideal time to forage for seeds in the wild – to plant species that will attract pollinators next summer

Matt Collins

25, Aug, 2023 @10:00 AM

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