Rio+20 Earth summit

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Development agenda's energy policy needs radical overhauling

Access to clean energy shouldn't be the only goal – provide electricity for economic purposes to truly empower people

Joan MacNaughton

16, Jan, 2013 @11:47 AM

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This plastic bag conspiracy is a truly deadly distraction | Tanya Gold
Tanya Gold: The warm glow we get from using fewer carrier bags to ferry our vegetables about will not save us from disasters to come

Tanya Gold

03, Aug, 2012 @7:29 PM

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England's 'natural capital' findings to be revealed

Revised set of sustainable development indicators have measured the state of England's natural world

Adam Vaughan

24, Jul, 2012 @5:30 AM

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World leaders accused of backsliding on women's rights

Mary Robinson says failure on reproductive rights could have devastating impact on poorest and most powerless women

Jane Martinson

05, Jul, 2012 @5:07 PM

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Sustainable development goals: UN must take simple, sensible approach | Stephen Hale

Stephen Hale: Progress on goals to succeed MDGs hinges on support from emerging and developing countries – and on clearing confusion

Stephen Hale

03, Jul, 2012 @6:00 AM

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Saturday interview: Lucy Lawless – Xena the Ecowarrior
Lucy Lawless made her name playing Xena: Warrior Princess. Now she is facing jail after a protest on board an Arctic oil drilling ship. So what turned her into an ecowarrior?

Susanna Rustin

29, Jun, 2012 @11:04 PM

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Rio+20: more progress from business needed

Business leaders made the right noises at the Earth Summit but how much substance is behind the declarations?

Kirsty Jenkinson and Manish Bapna

29, Jun, 2012 @1:15 PM

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Rio+20: distrust of business won't help sustainable development

Reflecting on conversations from Rio+20, Mark Goyder argues for capital market incentives and strong partnerships between governments, NGOs and business

Mark Goyder for the Guardian Professional Network

28, Jun, 2012 @11:12 AM

Letters: Post-Rio call for mass people's movement and a green economy
Letters: By linking up with those fighting unemployment and job losses, we can create a powerful movement to force action from governments and demand creation of millions of climate jobs to reduce carbon emissions

27, Jun, 2012 @7:59 PM

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Rio+20: Reflections on the way forward for sustainable business

Tell us what you think the way forward for progressive business post Rio+20 is in the comment thread below

Jo Confino

27, Jun, 2012 @4:39 PM

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Rio+20 missed an opportunity to bolster human rights | Jan Egeland and Jessica Evans
Jan Egeland and Jessica Evans: Business, government and development agencies should combat discrimination, which can drive injustice, poverty and conflict

Jan Egeland and Jessica Evans

27, Jun, 2012 @3:50 PM

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Rio+20: reasons to be cheerful | John Vidal

John Vidal: Despite the criticisms of the Earth summit in Brazil – many echoing the 1992 meeting – much that was positive emerged

John Vidal

27, Jun, 2012 @2:21 PM

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