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Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists
Exclusive: Pollutants can upset body’s metabolic thermostat with some even causing obesity to be passed on to children

Damian Carrington Environment editor

19, May, 2022 @3:51 PM

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Exxon doubles down on ‘advanced recycling’ claims that yield few results
The petroleum company is under investigation for misleading the public while exacerbating the global plastic pollution crisis

Amy Westervelt

11, May, 2022 @9:00 AM

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What’s the best alternative to clingfilm? | Kitchen aide
Think upturned bowls, tea towels, bamboo and wood, say our cooks – and always, always reuse

Anna Berrill

10, May, 2022 @1:00 PM

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‘People laugh but think twice’: Belgian cartoonist takes on plastic pollution
Pieter De Poortere is putting his best-known character, Dickie, to work to help galvanise opposition to a giant plastics plant in Antwerp

Jennifer Rankin in Brussels

10, May, 2022 @4:00 AM

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US is recycling just 5% of its plastic waste, studies show
According to the Last Beach Cleanup and Beyond Plastics report, about 85% of plastic ends up in landfills with 10% incinerated

Katharine Gammon in Los Angeles

05, May, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Why are American national parks filled with plastic? | Jonathan B Jarvis and Christy Leavitt
According to a recent poll, 82% of American voters would support a decision by the National Park Service to stop selling and distributing single-use plastic at national parks

Jonathan B Jarvis and Christy Leavitt

03, May, 2022 @10:24 AM

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Eden Project installs plastic grass to stop children getting muddy
Campaigners say move by Cornish garden is latest example of epidemic of plastic being laid across UK

Sandra Laville Environment correspondent

29, Apr, 2022 @9:24 AM

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EU unveils plan for ‘largest ever ban’ on dangerous chemicals
Up to 12,000 substances could fall within the scope of the new ‘restrictions roadmap’

Arthur Neslen in Brussels

25, Apr, 2022 @11:08 AM

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Boots to stop selling plastic-based wet wipes in UK
Pharmacy joins other retail chains in committing to end sales of plastic wipes by end of this year

Joanna Partridge

18, Apr, 2022 @11:01 PM

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86,000 bottles of water on the wall: Tonga struggles with post-volcano waste problem
Tonga has seen an increase in plastic waste since the tsunami in January, after huge quantities of supplies were brought in for relief efforts

Taina Kami Enoka in Nuku'alofa

17, Apr, 2022 @9:00 PM

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Free wooden bellyboard hire scheme aims to cut plastic pollution
Surf Wood for Good aims to tackle waste caused by polystyrene bodyboards by lending beachgoers UK-made wooden boards

Safi Bugel

12, Apr, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Microplastics found deep in lungs of living people for first time
Particles discovered in tissue of 11 out of 13 patients undergoing surgery, with polypropylene and PET most common

Damian Carrington Environment editor

06, Apr, 2022 @10:18 AM

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