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Sri Lanka’s worst ever maritime disaster reveals the true cost of our identity crisis | Sandali Handagama
We must find a way to embrace shipping, the ocean and our place in the world without shackling ourselves to unpayable foreign debt

Sandali Handagama

11, Jun, 2021 @9:00 AM

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Sri Lankans face up to ‘unmeasurable cost’ of cargo ship disaster
Fishing communities fear for future as oil, plastic and toxic chemicals devastate ecosystem

Zinara Rathnayake in Colombo

04, Jun, 2021 @12:26 PM

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Sri Lanka faces disaster as burning ship spills chemicals on beaches
Debris has killed marine life and is being seen as country’s worst environmental catastrophe

Hannah Ellis-Petersen South Asia correspondent

31, May, 2021 @12:48 PM

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Jersey becomes ‘ark’ for endangered lizards rescued from oil spill
Skinks and geckos saved from disaster on Mauritian islets have successfully bred in zoo

Patrick Barkham

23, May, 2021 @5:45 AM

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Israel claims Iran dumped oil in sea in 'environmental attack'
Environmental protection minister says suspect ship is now anchored in Iran but offers no evidence spill was intentional

Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem

04, Mar, 2021 @9:27 AM

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'It'll take decades to clean': oil spill ravages east Mediterranean
Israel is reeling from a disastrous tar slick, while oily sand has been found in southern Lebanon

Oliver Holmes in Ashdod, Israel

22, Feb, 2021 @6:16 PM

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Solomon Islands: ship crew accused of dumping 1,000 litres of oil in sea
Government alleges bulk carrier discharged heavy fuel oil into the sea off Santa Cruz island

Dorothy Wickham in Honiara

18, Feb, 2021 @4:03 AM

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Nigerians can bring claims against Shell in UK, supreme court rules
Ogale and Bille villagers say Shell oil operations have caused severe pollution including to their drinking water

Sandra Laville and Emmanuel Akinwotu in Lagos

12, Feb, 2021 @12:55 PM

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'A clear danger': oil spill in California city revives calls to cut ties with Chevron
An estimated 600 gallons of oil have spilled from the Richmond refinery into the San Francisco Bay

Gabrielle Canon in San Francisco

11, Feb, 2021 @8:15 PM

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Mining giant Glencore faces human rights complaint over toxic spill in Chad
Dozens of villagers, including children, claim they suffered severe burns and sickness after contact with contaminated water

Kate Hodal

28, Jan, 2021 @7:30 AM

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This is my message to the western world – your civilisation is killing life on Earth | Nemonte Nenquimo
We Indigenous people are fighting to save the Amazon, but the whole planet is in trouble because you do not respect it, says Indigenous campaigner Nemonte Nenquimo

Nemonte Nenquimo

12, Oct, 2020 @9:00 AM

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Robots and magnetic soap: scientists rethink oil spill clean-ups
Incidents such as ship stranding in Mauritius stress need for quick and effective solutions

Rhi Storer

29, Sep, 2020 @6:00 AM

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