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Weatherwatch: conjuring up snow to protect glaciers
Scientists experiment with artificial and induced snowfall in effort to slow glacial retreat

Kate Ravilious

31, Dec, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Terrawatch: dust is speeding up melting of Himalayan snow
Human activities are increasing wind-blown dust, depleting crucial freshwater supply

Kate Ravilious

03, Nov, 2020 @9:30 PM

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Secrets of the ice: unlocking a melting time capsule
As the Earth’s ice melts, large numbers of perfectly preserved ancient artefacts are being revealed. But time is running out and ‘glacial archaeologists’ are racing to find these fragile treasures

Mike Power

01, Nov, 2020 @9:30 AM

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Huge cavities threaten glacier larger than Great Britain
Water seeping into fissures in Thwaites glacier in Antarctica, accelerating rise of sea levels

Jonathan Watts Global environment editor

09, Sep, 2020 @4:55 PM

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Queen of the Dolomites glacier could vanish within 15 years
Italian scientists warn Marmolada has shrunk 80% in 70 years due to global heating

Angela Giuffrida

01, Sep, 2020 @2:17 PM

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Satellite images show rapid growth of glacial lakes worldwide
Number of glacial lakes rose by 53% in 1990-2018 to cover 9,000 sq km of planet’s surface

Ian Sample Science editor

31, Aug, 2020 @3:00 PM

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Italian homes evacuated over risk of Mont Blanc glacier collapse
Roads near Courmayeur closed to tourists because of threat from falling Planpincieux ice

Angela Giuffrida in Rome

06, Aug, 2020 @1:02 PM

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'There’s still a choice': New Zealand's melting glaciers show the human fingerprints of climate change
New research has found extreme melting of the country’s glaciers in 2018 was at least ten times more likely due to human-caused global heating

Graham Readfearn

03, Aug, 2020 @3:00 PM

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'The human fingerprint is everywhere': Met Office's alarming warning on climate
Exclusively compiled data from centre’s supercomputer shows alarming climate trajectory

Jonathan Watts

27, May, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Terrawatch: glacial erosion creates higher mountains
If an ice age took hold, the Himalayas might have even taller mountains, a study finds

Kate Ravilious

05, May, 2020 @8:30 PM

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Could bringing Neanderthals back to life save the environment? The idea is not quite science fiction | James Bradley
The climate emergency is unsettling our future, and erasing what we thought was certain about the past

James Bradley

27, Apr, 2020 @2:47 AM

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Scientists confirm dramatic melting of Greenland ice sheet
Study reveals loss largely due to high pressure zone not taken into account by climate models

Nicola Davis

15, Apr, 2020 @1:00 PM

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