Chornobyl nuclear disaster

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The Guardian view on the history of feelings: a serious subject | Editorial
Editorial: Books and documentaries can not only tell us what happened in the Soviet Union and why – but why it matters


05, Feb, 2023 @6:25 PM

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Mikhail Gorbachev’s commitment to the environment was ahead of its time
After stepping down as Soviet leader he devoted himself to ‘the most urgent task facing humanity today’

Amelia Gentleman

04, Sep, 2022 @10:00 AM

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Toxins in soil, blasted forests – Ukraine counts cost of Putin’s ‘ecocide’
Environmentalists are counting the cost of Russian military’s devastation and hope to force Moscow into making reparations

Emma Graham-Harrison in Chernihiv

27, Aug, 2022 @8:28 PM

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Stalking the Atomic City by Markiyan Kamysh review – in search of meaning in Chornobyl’s forbidden wasteland
A Ukrainian writer reflects on the joys and costs of a life dedicated to illegally exploring the nuclear site

Sam Jordison

09, Jul, 2022 @6:30 AM

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Bob Bunce obituary
Landscape ecologist who developed the Countryside Survey to monitor changes to Britain’s natural environment

David Howard

31, May, 2022 @3:17 PM

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‘They were hooligans’: Chernobyl locals reeling after Russian invasion
As troops leave exclusion zone and surrounding villages, Ukraine’s nuclear agency faces huge clean-up task

Luke Harding in Dytiatky

13, Apr, 2022 @3:59 PM

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UN nuclear watchdog to head mission to Chernobyl as Russians withdraw from site
Russians leaving Chernobyl have taken Ukraine soldiers with them, say officials

Jon Henley

01, Apr, 2022 @11:49 AM

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Zelenskiy calls on Japan to impose trade embargo on Russian goods
The Ukrainian president thanked Japan for ‘leading the way’ in virtual address to MPs

Justin McCurry in Tokyo

23, Mar, 2022 @4:27 PM

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Forest fires erupt around Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine
Ukrainian authorities say Russian control of plant is hampering efforts to control the blazes

Oliver Milman

22, Mar, 2022 @5:05 PM

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‘By 10, I knew all about the impact of a nuclear blast’: growing up in the shadow of the bomb
From CND marches, to books, films and music, fear of the bomb was everywhere in the 1980s. Now, for many, the war in Ukraine has brought back that sense of dread

Zoe Williams

16, Mar, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Children of Chernobyl parents have no higher number of DNA mutations
Study was one of the first to evaluate alterations in human mutation rates in response to manmade disaster

Linda Geddes

23, Apr, 2021 @3:56 PM

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Chernobyl fears resurface as river dredging begins in exclusion zone
Scientists warn of threat of nuclear contamination from work on giant E40 waterway linking Baltic to the Black Sea

Phoebe Weston

23, Dec, 2020 @7:30 AM

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