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Tories accuse Sunak of breaking pledge after animal welfare U-turn
Animal welfare groups and Conservative campaigners criticise decision to scrap kept animals bill

Helena Horton Environment reporter

25, May, 2023 @2:18 PM

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Imports of ivory from hippos, orcas and walruses to be banned in UK
Ministers to close loophole in 2018 Ivory Act that means animals other than elephants can be targeted

Helena Horton

23, May, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Duck hunting season cut short at Victorian reserve to make way for critically endangered parrots
Release of captive-bred orange-bellied parrots near Lake Connwarre has Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP claiming ‘dirty political interference’

Benita Kolovos and Australian Associated Press

18, May, 2023 @6:26 AM

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Whales take up to two hours to die after being harpooned, Icelandic report finds
Food and veterinary authority report questions whether hunting large whales can meet animal welfare objectives

Karen McVeigh

08, May, 2023 @5:01 PM

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The hunt: the little-known war being waged over horse and hound foxhunting in Australia
It’s a scene that conjures images of the controversial British activity. UK hunters are travelling 16,000km to do it outside Melbourne

Benita Kolovos

05, May, 2023 @3:00 PM

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Victorian duck hunters urge parliament not to bow to ‘political correctness’
Submissions to inquiry described hunting as generational tradition, while animal activists displayed dead ducks outside parliament building

Benita Kolovos and Adeshola Ore

02, May, 2023 @6:41 AM

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Beginning of the end? Subdued start to duck hunting season at Victoria’s Lake Buloke
Season kicks off with animal rights campaigners outnumbering hunters at one location amid a parliamentary inquiry

Adeshola Ore

26, Apr, 2023 @6:13 AM

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Chris Packham crowdfunds to sue hunting publisher for ‘hate terrorism’
Wildlife presenter fears ‘extreme violence’, and has previously been the victim of arson, as well as having dead crows left outside his home

Alexi Duggins

30, Mar, 2023 @9:41 AM

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Why worry about an import ban on hunting trophies when you can bag one at home? | Catherine Bennett
British stalkers say they are helping nature, but still celebrate the bloody slaughter

Catherine Bennett

19, Mar, 2023 @7:01 AM

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Bill banning import of hunting trophies into UK passed by MPs
House of Lords to rule on divisive legislation that would stop import of endangered animals’ body parts

Patrick Greenfield

17, Mar, 2023 @12:09 PM

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Hundreds of lynx to be hunted in Sweden following biggest ever wolf cull
Conservationists condemn latest cull as ‘trophy hunting’, while hunters admit it is ‘about the excitement’

Beata Furstenberg in Gothenburg

02, Mar, 2023 @12:18 PM

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Victoria announces shortened duck hunting season amid review of ‘increasingly contested’ practice
Despite calls for a ban, the season begins on 26 April and will run for about a month less than it did last year

Benita Kolovos

24, Feb, 2023 @6:02 AM

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