Emperor penguin mass chick huddle in Antarctica - big picture

New footage of emperor penguins in Antarctica will be seen in the BBC's Penguins - Spy in the Huddle, from Monday 11 February 2013. The series covers nearly a year spent in the close company of three penguin species, deploying 50 spycams which allowed two scientists to get closer than ever before

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Penguin cam gives bird's eye view of hunting in Antarctica - video

Japanese scientists have recorded video footage from Adélie penguins as they forage for food in Hukuro Cove, Antarctica

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First contact with huge Antarctica emperor penguin colony – in pictures

A previously unknown colony of around 9,000 emperor penguins has received its first human visitors

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Going in for the krill: A penguin's eye view of life in Antarctica - video

A camera attached to a penguin's back by Japanese scientists reveals the birds' feeding and migratory habits

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'Sexual depravity' of penguins that Antarctic scientist dared not reveal

Landmark polar research about the Adélie penguin's sex life by Captain Scott's expedition, deemed too shocking for the public 100 years ago, is unearthed at the Natural History Museum

Robin McKie, science editor

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Huge penguin colony at risk from erupting volcano
Volcanic ash threatens world’s largest colony of chinstrap penguins that are currently trapped on a small island in the sub Antarctic, say scientists

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Scientists discover emperor penguin colony in Antarctica using satellite images
Colony of about 500 birds seen in remote region where they face existential threat due to global heating

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Penguin robot helps researchers get close and personal
Meet penguin-bot. Remote-controlled rovers disguised as penguins could reduce stress to wild animals during behavioural research

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Summer storm spins over the Arctic - big picture

Nasa satellites this week captured an unusually strong storm over the middle of the Arctic Ocean

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Ozone hole over Antarctica grows again

Stratospheric levels of harmful CFCs will take between 40 and 100 years to dissipate and have only dropped a few per cent since reaching a peak in 2000, scientists warn

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Throng of new penguin colonies in Antarctica spotted from space
Satellite images reveal guano patches, boosting known emperor penguin colonies by 20%

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04, Aug, 2020 @11:01 PM