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I have just turned my “active” compost heap, which has received all the Guardian biodegradable bags since they were introduced last year. I am pleased to say the older bags are barely recognisable and are well on their way to forming nice new compost. By the time the “maturing” heap is emptied in the spring, I expect all the bags will have disappeared and will help grow the next crop of potatoes – a virtuous circle. Well done on your initiative.
Jonathan Hammonds
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

• Congratulations on your brave decision to stop taking money from companies that extract fossil fuels (Guardian drops ads from fossil fuel companies, 30 January). Greenpeace calls for others to follow suit, prompting this marmalade consumer (who merely adds the labels to his wife’s confection) to triple his admittedly tiny subscription to your inspiring newspaper.
David Yates
Eccles, Greater Manchester

• Can I join the search to find the oldest marmalade-making Guardian readers (Letters, 31 January)? At 92 and a half, I have just made enough marmalade to last a year – with help in lifting a heavy jam pan! I use a family recipe older than me, originating in 1926 with a master baker in Cinderford.
Elizabeth Green
Brockenhurst, Hampshire

• Forget printing articles about “wellness”. It seems that marmalade holds the key to a long, healthy life.
Pat Wakeling

• You can’t grow sponges from seed – they are animals, not plants (Grow your own sponges, G2, 29 January). What you’re talking about is loofahs.
Jocelyn Rose
Milton Keynes

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