Young country diary: There are butterflies walking all over me! | Nuri

Hertfordshire: It’s like a sweet tickle on your skin, but even lighter

I never believed it would happen, but a butterfly landed on my hand. To my surprise, not just once, but several times. Since our garden is filled with butterfly bushes (buddleia), we have tons of butterflies feasting on their nectar-filled flowers.

That’s why I had the idea to stay absolutely still in the middle of the garden, my arms sticking out.

To my amazement, a beautiful little butterfly came and rested on my hand. As it landed, I could hear its wings flapping and feel the softness of its tiny little feet. It’s like a sweet tickle on your skin, but even lighter. As it spread out its wings to take in the hot sun, I could study the beautiful colours and patterns properly. It was orange, dotted with black and yellow spots, and had jagged-edged wings. It turned out to be a comma, a member of the anglewing family.

A comma butterfly on Nuri.
‘I noticed that two butterflies kept on returning. They were both commas.’ Photograph: Family handout

I noticed that two butterflies kept on returning. They were both commas and really got used to me – one even landed on my forehead! Then I put my hand on the flowers of the buddleia right next to some other butterflies, including a peacock and a red admiral, and slowly but steadily some walked on to it. Oh how lucky I was.

I hope we get a few more good days this year so I can say goodbye to my butterfly friends, until next time…
Nuri, 10

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